Ekaterina Lisina: The Model Whose Legs Are Longer Than You Are Tall And People Are Feeling Shocked [Video]

Bradley Ryder

Ekaterina Lisina is intimidatingly tall -- and that's an understatement. In fact, her length is so long, her "legs for days" are probably longer than you are tall.

Ekaterina is the tallest woman in her country, and she uses a myriad of hashtags on Instagram to celebrate her height: #worldtallestmodel #tallestmodel, #tallmodel, #tallisbeautiful, #longestlegs, and #model, to name a few. The Russian model is on a mission to not only take advantage of her height to spread her brand, but she also wants to empower others to live their best life, according to the AOL News report.

Ekaterina's website's main page has a prominent quote from the model emblazoned on it. The towering 29-year-old model uses this mode of thinking as a mantra that drives her to seek greatness in everything she does. Apparently, height is also a metaphor for her life.

"God blessed me with a fabulous height so that I can reach the stars."

Her brother, Sergei, said he is proud of his sister and the things she's accomplished early in life.

"Am I proud of her? Of course, I am. She realized quite quickly that [her height] gave her a huge advantage in a sport, which she started doing professionally almost straight away."

"When we were picking up Ekaterina from the hospital, we noticed straight away that her legs were really long and her body mainly consisted of them. [She] got them from her parents."

The leggy athlete was part of the 2008 Olympic bronze medal team, the 2006 silver medal team at the World Cup, and on the winning team at the European Championship. After achieving a successful basketball career, Ekaterina now has her sights on modeling and living her best life.

"I only really realized I was attractive when I was about 24-years-old. I always had an athletic body and was always much taller than everyone else my age, but then I realized that being tall is very attractive."
"I feel really comfortable in my body. I like my long legs, I like my long body — everything about it."

Check out the model's amazing video below.


[Featured Image by Africa Studio/Shutterstock]