'Stitchers' Season 4 Canceled Or Renewed: Will Series Return For New Season Post-Shocking Season 3 Finale?

Stitchers Season 4's fate hangs in the balance. The series wrapped up its Season 3 on Monday, August 14, on a big twist, but the cast has yet to hear anything about the show's renewal.

They have not yet heard anything from Freeform about Stitchers Season 4, Kyle Harris, who plays Cameron Goodkin, tells TV Line.

"We have yet to hear anything [about Stitchers Season 4], but we've definitely been hearing it from the fans. They've been campaigning for a fourth season ever since we were picked up for a third."
He also says that the Stitchers Season 3 final episode feels like it is a series finale, which is like an "emotional wrap-up" for everything. Kyle Harris, however, quickly adds, "but really, we're just closing the door to Chapter 1 and setting the stage for Chapter 2."

Stitchers Season 3 finale ended on a dramatic cliffhanger. In Episode 10, titled "Maternis," Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta) was unable to remember anything about the program or Cameron after she came back from the corpse cassette. The team was clueless whether her memory loss was permanent or temporary. However, there was a shocking twist in the closing moments of the episode. It indicated that someone was making Kristen pretend that she could not remember anything.

After having a heart-touching conversation with Cameron, Kristen told someone, whose face or identity was not revealed, "I will never forgive you for what you're making me do to him."

Kyle Harris tells TV Line that Kristen is doing her memory loss act to protect Cameron. He, however, has no idea why she needs to protect him.

Speaking of the mysterious person, the actor says that it has to be someone who means enough to her.
"We've all sat down with Jeff [creator Jeffrey Alan Schechter] and asked him who Kirsten's talking to. Is it Maggie [Salli Richardson-Whitfield]? There are so many different ways you could go with this. It has to be someone who means enough to her to do this for them."
Speaking of what he wants to see Stitchers Season 4 explore, Kyle Harris says that it would be "cool" to see how the program protects Kristen now that "she's essentially a weapon," adding that there is likely to be consequences if she has fallen into the wrong hands.
"I'd also love to see the program go public, watch Maggie give a press conference at the White House. We could play celebrity for a moment, since the team is like a group of superheroes in a way. But that could easily take a turn — I could see people getting angry that we have access to all these private memories."
Stitchers, which debuted on June 2, 2015, was renewed for Season 3 by Freeform in October of 2016, a good four months after Season 2 wrapped up on May 24, 2016. The sword of cancellation, however, hangs on Stitchers Season 4, as the just concluded season's ratings were on a downward slide.

Season 3 of Stitchers was averaging a 0.13 rating in the key 18-49 demographic and 365,000 viewers, according to TV Series Finale. The rating was reportedly down by 14 percent compared to Season 2, and viewership was down by 6 percent.

The huge cliffhanger in Season 3 finale raises hope that Freeform might decide to renew Stitchers for Season 4. Fans deserve to know what is making Kristen pretend she does not remember Cameron and the program, and who is pulling strings.

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