'Hawaii Five-0' Season 8 Spoilers: Emotional Story Teased - Is This How Alex O'Loughlin Leaves The CBS Drama?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 will continue without two of its cast members, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. Despite the recent controversy surrounding the CBS drama, fans are being teased with an emotional story ahead, which involves Alex O'Loughlin's character, Steve McGarrett. Will this play a role on the actor's rumored exit from the series?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 is caught in a web of controversy following the exit of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park over pay disputes with the network. While such is the case, and with rumors that the CBS drama is coming to an end, executive producer Peter Lenkov recently told Entertainment Weekly that there will be an "emotional" storyline ahead that will involve Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin).

Lenkov teased that this particular episode of Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 has a storyline pitched by O'Loughlin himself and fans should definitely watch out for it. According to Lenkov, this episode will see McGarrett adopt a dog who turns out to be the only one left behind after a tragedy killed its owner.

Lenkov promised that H50 viewers will be touched by this episode from Season 8. The dog also turns out to be a drug sniffing service dog and will help play a role in McGarrett's "emotional journey."


This made a lot of viewers excited, but at the same time wary about the future of Hawaii Five-0 after Season 8. As most fans can recall, Season 7 ended with a revelation that Steve was slowly suffering from the effects of radiation poisoning - one whose symptoms become apparent in the years to come.

O'Loughlin raised concerns that Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 will be his last after a series of interviews stating that his decision to leave the CBS drama was firm because of his health condition. With Steve getting himself a service dog to go on his emotional journey with, and Steve getting diagnosed with a potentially lethal disease, many fans could not help but worry that it will be the last for the show.


Lenkov, however, previously clarified via a post on Twitter that the revelation of Steve's illness during the Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 finale was not setting up the stage for O'Loughlin's exit. After all, Steve reassured Danny that he will experience side effects of his illness "years down the road," so viewers may take it as the actor's reassurance to viewers that he will stay with the show for more years.

Do you think Alex O'Loughlin will be leaving Hawaii Five-0 Season 8?

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