Disney Reportedly Thinking Of Building An 'Indiana Jones' Land At Animal Kingdom, Possibly Replacing DinoLand

After Pandora - The World of Avatar opened at Disney's Animal Kingdom, that pretty much made it seem as if that park had received enough upgrades for years. While a lot of other plans have been announced for the three other Walt Disney World theme parks, there are rumors that the end of the new lands at Animal Kingdom hasn't yet come. Speculation is now running wild that a new land could be built in the future and it would be devoted to Indiana Jones.

While there is nothing concrete about this particular rumor as of yet, it does seem as if it is one that has started to gain a bit of steam. According to Orlando Informer, the idea of an Indiana Jones Land is one that isn't totally out of the question and one that has reportedly been talked about more and more as time goes on.

This actually doesn't make as little sense as some people may think, but it could mean the end of DinoLand U.S.A. as it currently stands. If an Indiana Jones Land were to be built, though, there are already a number of pieces in place that could work out with very little work and require few changes.

Currently, DinoLand U.S.A. doesn't have a lot going for it other than the popular DINOSAUR attraction, but there is also the Boneyard, Finding Nemo - The Musical, Primeval Whirl, TriceraTop Spin, a prehistoric carnival, and the Restaurantosaurus quick-service location.

While some may miss some of those things, it's DINOSAUR which will be the biggest loss and that may end up staying in place with an Indiana Jones Land.

Over in Disneyland in California, there is an attraction called Indiana Jones Adventure which is essentially the same thing as DINOSAUR, but with a different theme. Many fans have always hoped that attraction would make its way to Walt Disney World, and this new rumor would accomplish that.

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Disney owns a lot of intellectual property (IP) that they are starting to bring into their theme parks more and more. Epcot is getting rides devoted to Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel) and Ratatouille (Pixar). Disney's Hollywood Studios is getting Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway which is replacing the Great Movie Ride. Tron is going into Magic Kingdom.

There's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Toy Story Land, and the list goes on and on. LucasFilm is owned by The Walt Disney Company and more Indiana Jones films are on the way, so, why not create more attractions and lands based on IPs?

Looking through DinoLand U.S.A., the entire area could end up getting overhauled if the rumors of an Indiana Jones Land becomes a reality, but it wouldn't need it. Change the theme and alter the attractions and Disney has a base template already in place that could work well.

At this time, Disney has said nothing and is saying nothing about this rumor. An Indiana Jones Land at Disney's Animal Kingdom could be years and years off or it could never happen, but things are starting to make sense. If the speculation is happening as Orlando Informer states, the lucrative franchise could get a lot more attention in the future.

Walt Disney World has so many plans in place for the next four or five years, and it seems as if there is nothing else that can be put into the schedule. Still, that isn't going to stop the company from looking ahead to the future and the idea of an Indiana Jones Land at Disney's Animal Kingdom could make a lot of sense. It may not be in line with the entire theme of the park, but neither is Guardians of the Galaxy at Epcot, and that rumor ended up coming true.

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