Man under house arrest begs for jail to get away from nagging wife

An Italian man currently under house arrest has requested to spend the rest of his sentence in jail, to get away from his nagging wife.

30 year old Santo Gambino, who was charged and convicted for dumping hazardous waste, spend part of his sentence in prison, but was transferred to his home near Palermo, Sicily to serve the rest of his sentence. Gambino, a construction worker who spent much of time working, was not accustomed to spending so much of his time at home with his wife. The couple had argued often and his wife constantly blamed him since his inability to work due to the house arrest caused financial problems for the family.

So against the conditions of his house arrest, Gambino left the house and went straight to the police station, demanding to be arrested and put back in jail.

Police did charge him for violating the conditions of his house arrest sentence, but instead of jailing him, they sent him back home to make peace with his wife.