Global Force Wrestling Is Without A World Champion: Alberto El Patron Stripped Of Title

First, Alberto El Patron was suspended indefinitely by Global Force Wrestling and now, he no longer sits on top of the ladder for the company. On Monday, GFW updated the world on the suspension of Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio in WWE), and it is still not known when he will be able to return to the ring. One thing is certain, though, and it’s that he is no longer champion, as the promotion has stripped him of the GFW World Championship.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., GFW has decided that due to the domestic incident with Paige back in early July, the title needed to be stripped from El Patron.

“GFW has concluded its internal consideration of the events surrounding the suspension of Alberto El Patron. While it is apparent that initial reports unfairly characterized El Patron’s involvement in the incident in the Orlando airport, we are nonetheless disappointed with the manner in which he dealt with this situation; we expect more decorum from all on the GFW roster, especially the World Champion.

“We have communicated with El Patron our decision to strip him of his championship title. No decision has been taken as to the date on which he will be reinstated to the roster, the conditions of which are a private matter between the company and El Patron.”

Alberto El Patron has not yet commented on the situation.

No charges have been filed against Alberto El Patron and he was never arrested in the incident, and Paige even said that he did nothing to her at the airport. Eyewitness reports provided by Heavy state something different, though, as some people said Paige even called El Patron “abusive.”

Not long after Alberto El Patron won the GFW World Championship, the trouble truly started for him. On July 12, Global Force Wrestling officially suspended him for an indefinite amount of time as an investigation into the incident was conducted.

At Slammiversary XV, Alberto El Patron defeated Lashley to unify the TNA Impact Wrestling Championship and the GFW Title.

global force wrestling gfw alberto el patron stripped world title paige

There has been no further word as to how the situation of a vacant world championship will be handled by GFW, but SE Scoops reports it is likely to happen at Destination X this week.

Global Force Wrestling has had to deal with a lot of issues in the past couple of months, but this situation with El Patron is obviously the biggest. Just as the company has been trying become competitive and reinvent itself again, they have lost a number of big names and now, their world champion.

Alberto El Patron had his troubles with WWE and their relationship soured badly yet again before coming to an end. Since signing with TNA and GFW, he’s been on top of the world and become their top talent and world champion. Now, he’s in the middle of a legal issue with his girlfriend Paige which goes along with his indefinite suspension from the ring and the Global Force Wrestling World Championship stripped from his possession.

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