‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Dina-Graham Alzheimer’s Pact – Secret Death Deal?

The Young and the Restless spoilers recently leaked by departing Y&R writer Sally Sussman confirmed what many fans already guessed — Dina Mergeron has Alzheimer’s, and this sheds some light on her relationship with Graham Bloodworth (Max Shippee). Since Graham brought his silver fox hotness to Genoa City with octagenarian Dina, viewers wondered what that was about and the nature of the duo’s “arrangement.” Recent episodes of the CBS soap have made it apparent Dina and Graham are not lovers, but there is something there, and rumors tease they have a pact that governs the end of Dina’s life and the role Graham will play.

Graham and Dina’s secret deal — more than money

Y&R fans know that Dina signed a new will a few weeks ago that left most of her estate to Graham. That came out just after Gloria Abbott (Judith Chapman) told Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) she didn’t think Graham was after Dina’s money. There is big money at stake in the deal between Dina and Graham, but Young and the Restless spoilers tease that he should more than earn the cash based on what will happen with Dina very soon. This all ties back to her Alzheimer’s diagnosis and estrangement from her children.

Y&R spoilers tell us Dina came back to Genoa City to get one last look at her three children before her mind failed her. Dina and Graham made their deal in Paris, before coming to the US, when she thought she had no one to turn to and no one to take care of her as her health declined. But now that Dina’s estranged family have opened their arms to her, Graham might be left out in the cold if Dina decides to switch up their deal. As for now, the question remains, what is the nature of their deal?

What’s the deal with Graham’s deal?

If you’ve been listening closely since Dina and Graham came to GC, you’d recall they have discussed the “deal” several times and dropped big hints about what she expects from her younger companion. On June 9, Graham promised Dina that he would “be with her every step of the way” and reminded her that she didn’t want her family to know what’s going on with her. Then on June 22, Graham told Dina he’d made a commitment to her that her children would “never” make.

Dina also told her children, on June 29, according to a recap from Soaps She Knows, that she left her estate to Graham. This contradicts what Graham told Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) when he said he was well paid and didn’t need Dina’s estate. Then again, when Graham told Ashley that, he might have been lying at Dina’s request to keep her health information private from her kids. It’s clear that Dina doesn’t want her children to know about her Alzheimer’s but they’ve already noticed her symptoms.

Dina’s decline and death at the heart of the bargain

Young and the Restless spoilers from Soaps She Knows for August 16 promise that Graham must protect Dina, but this begs the question if he’s shielding her from her illness or someone else. Dina took a position at Jabot which Graham advised against, but this may be about more than Graham not trusting Jack and Ashley. It’s obvious that Graham knows about her Alzheimer’s and their deal is for him to care for her while the disease inevitably ravages her mind which will interfere with her working at Jabot. An Alzheimer’s decline is not pretty nor easy for the victim.

Alzheimer’s is also tough on caregivers, and that seems to be the role that Graham fulfills in Dina’s life. When they first came to town, Graham told her kids that he served as their mom’s advisor and protector. Dina’s illness is why Graham pushed her to leave Genoa City months ago and return to France. Given Europe’s more liberal laws on end of life care, it’s even possible that Graham and Dina have a death pact where he’s pledged to end her suffering once her disease progresses.

Will the Abbott kids throw Graham out of Dina’s life?

New Y&R spoilers tease that Jack and Ashley will become more aware of Dina’s problems as their mom continues to work at Jabot. It seems it’s only a matter of time before Dina reveals her diagnosis to her children since they have taken her back into their lives. Next week, Young and the Restless spoilers from Soap Central promise that Dina opens up to Ashley about her past and what drove her out of Genoa City and away from her family. This could be a turning point for the Abbotts that heals them and reveals Dina’s illness.

Once Jack, Ashley and Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) realize how dire their mom’s health has become, they will unite as a family and want to be the ones she trusts with her end of life care, but Dina might reject them. Dina is very independent and doesn’t want to be perceived as weak, so it remains to be seen if she’ll remain with her family in Genoa City to spend the time she has left before her mind falls apart – or whether she’ll abandon them once again to keep her deal with Graham.

What do you think? Do Graham and Dina have a deal that requires him to see her through her Alzheimer’s crisis and all the way to her death? Is Graham trustworthy and dedicated or waiting to take advantage once Dina’s health crumbles? Other Y&R spoilers predict more soon on Victoria’s health crisis. Check back often for more The Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of August 14-18.

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