WWE Spoilers: ‘SummerSlam’ Go-Home Adds PPV Matches, Brothers Of The Shield May Finally Reunite On ‘Raw’

SummerSlam is now less than a week away, which simply means it is time for the go-home episode of Monday Night Raw, and WWE has a packed show for tonight. There are still matches that need to be made and opponents that need to be decided upon, but that all is going to take place this evening. A huge women’s match will determine a new No. 1 contender as the former brothers of The Shield may finally come together again.

The official website of WWE has released their preview for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, and it is going to be bigger than the usual go-home show for a pay-per-view. The main reason for that is there are still matches to be made, and a couple of injuries have been the main cause of that dilemma.

An injury to Bayley has taken her out of the Raw Women’s Championship Match, which has Sasha Banks and Nia Jax battling it out tonight for her spot against Alexa Bliss. Scott Dawson’s injury means the tag team division is a bit of a mess as well, but it’s being cleaned up.

With that being said, it’s time to see what WWE has in store for Team Red tonight.

Every woman for herself

After Bayley’s injury, two Triple Threat Matches took place on last week’s Raw, and it has brought us to this match between Sasha Banks and Nia Jax. Whoever wins, Alexa Bliss has a fight on her hands as she will defend her title at SummerSlam against “The Boss” or her best friend.

wwe spoilers monday night raw summerslam go-home the shield matches seth rollins dean ambrose

Joe is gonna get you

Samoa Joe is certainly making a bigger name for himself than ever before as he chases the WWE Universal Championship. Even though Roman Reigns appeared to have the advantage on Braun Strowman, the “Samoan Submission Machine” wasn’t going to let him take a victory away from anyone.

Now, the three men have had their fair share of one another, but will they be able to conquer the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar?

Mizzed opportunity

The Miz may be annoying to some people, but he has his own Miztourage and is still the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Despite those facts, Jason Jordan is ready to show he is the true son of an Olympic gold medalist by going after one of the veterans on Monday Night Raw.

Face your fear

Finn Balor may know the ways of “The Demon,” but he’s never faced off with someone who is as frightening as Bray Wyatt. Now, they have officially been placed in a match at SummerSlam, and Wyatt promises that he’s going to bring down all of those in Balor Club.

wwe spoilers monday night raw summerslam go-home the shield matches seth rollins dean ambrose

Brothers on the mend

For weeks, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have teased a partnership that reminds fans of the good old days when The Shield delivered justice. For a while, Rollins wanted to prove he was trustworthy, but Ambrose wasn’t having it. Last week, the roles were reversed, but can the “Hounds of Justice” keep it civil long enough to take out the Raw Tag Team Champions?

SummerSlam is going to be a huge event, but there are still holes that need to be filled in the card, and many of them will be this evening on Monday Night Raw. The No. 1 contenders match is big enough as it is, but there will be much more happening tonight involving so many on the card. One of the biggest questions remains in the relationship of the former brothers of The Shield and if they can finally work together as a unit.

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