Bryce Harper Injury Video: Graphic Slow-Motion Video Shows Horrific Knee Injury As Harper Slips On Wet Base

Bryce Harper Injury Video: Graphic Slow-Motion Video Shows Horrific Knee Injury With Harper On Wet Base

The Bryce Harper injury video is graphic and hard to watch. As seen in the below video, Harper, of the Washington Nationals, suffered a bad and bleeding knee injury when he was put out at first base by the San Francisco Giants third baseman Ryder Jones. It was the first inning of the baseball game on Saturday, August 12, in Washington, that left Harper cringing in pain. As seen in the slow-motion version of the video, Harper was injured on the play as his leg appeared to bend backwards at one point, as Bryce stepped on the base.

As reported by ESPN, baseball fans are questioning whether or not the game that Bryce was injured playing in should have even been played. There was a rainout on Friday during the game opener between the Nationals and the San Francisco Giants series, along with a doubleheader that was scheduled to be played on Sunday. As such, the rains that soaked in on Saturday made for a big delay that only ceased after three hours. However, instead of canceling the game wherein Harper was injured, baseball bigwigs decided to allow Bryce and his baseball teammates to play the game. In the wake of Bryce’s knee injury, that decision is being criticized.

The game that wasn’t cancelled on Saturday is being called not important, since both baseball teams might have been able to play 161 games instead of 162 without much consequence. But the fact that Bryce suffered an injury when Harper slipped on the wet first base, placing him on the disabled list and causing people to cringe at the gruesome injury video, means that the game not being canceled matters.

Harper is now on the disabled list with a knee injury that is dubbed a bone bruise. However, baseball experts say that in the wake of Bryce’s knee injury, just because Harper has been placed on the disabled list for 10 days, it doesn’t mean Bryce will bounce back after such a horrific injury seen in the video in a week or two. Other players who have suffered injuries called bone bruises have been out for months.

Harper’s knee injury could keep him out for an untold amount of time, but according to ESPN, Washington might be able to survive without Harper while he recovers from his knee injury. Viewers who’ve watched the horrific knee injury video are posting comments hoping Bryce survives and heals in good time.

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