Tyler Posey Directs His First Episode Of ‘Teen Wolf,’ Shares It Gives Him What He Was Missing

Tonight fans got to see Tyler Posey’s directing debut. He directed the new episode of Teen Wolf and the actor is now speaking out about how much he enjoyed the experience. E! Online shared what Tyler had to say about getting to direct the show and how it gave him something that he has been missing by just being an actor.

Tyler has been on this show for six seasons, but he did realize that he wanted more. Posey spoke out to E! News explaining that he just doesn’t get enough out of acting. He has been talking to people on set and finding out more about how it all works. Tyler Posey knew that he wanted to do more than just act. Tyler spoke out saying, “So whenever I’m on a set I’m always just talking to everybody and asking questions and learning, so by the time I got to direct, I really had a strong vision for what I wanted to do with my episode.”

This is something that Tyler Posey has some experience doing, but he had never really realized it. Before his time on Teen Wolf he would spend time with his friends making films and he was always the one who directed them at the time. He explained that he just never realized until he was older that he had been directing. Teen Wolf was the first time he got to do it on a real television show, though.


Tyler said “I didn’t want it to be over the top. I just kind of wanted it to be just perfect.” He says that he has worked with directors who are over the top and that doesn’t always work out right. It sounds like Tyler Posey had a really clear vision when he was picked to direct an episode of Teen Wolf during the final season. Michael Hogan was a part of this episode as well and Tyler said he was really easy to direct. Tyler went on to talk about how he wanted to be taken seriously.

“You know, I’m 25. I’m a kid basically. I’m sure a lot of their mentality was like, what is this kid…he wants to direct an episode? Well that’s kind of cool but there’s no way he’s actually going to pull it off. But I think everyone kind of saw that I was actually really all in it and I wanted it to be a great episode and make everybody happy.”

Things are really changing in Beacon Hills as Teen Wolf comes to an end with this final season. Tyler Posey may have found his calling and you never know, he many be directing something else in the future.


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[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]