Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: ‘Ghostbusters’ Actress Follows Specific Workout Routine To Shed Over 75 Pounds

Melissa McCarthy may be known for her comedic acts, but she has now become an inspiration for people struggling with weight issues. Although many have been impressed by her amazing body transformation, it wasn’t easy for the Ghostbusters actress to achieve her new slimmer figure. So how did she do it?

For Melissa McCarthy to achieve a healthier version of herself, the talented star had to sweat it out. Just like any other diets, watching the portion and changing one’s eating habits are certainly not enough.

It’s definitely hard to stick to a workout plan, and that is why Melissa McCarthy hired a trainer to help her with her weight loss journey. For the 46-year-old actress to keep motivated, her trainer makes sure that she’s only doing workouts that she enjoys and will give her impressive results at the same time. These workouts include high-intensity interval-training or better known as HIIT.

There will be days that Melissa McCarthy will do 30 minutes of martial arts, 10 minutes on the rowing machine, wall sits, jumping jacks, body weight squats, reverse crunches, and lower back extensions. In order for the Gilmore Girls star to not get bored in doing the same exact routine over and over again, in some days her trainer will make her do 10 minutes of burpees and skip ropes.

Although Melissa McCarthy may have not initially shared her diet secrets, she did credit her amazing weight loss to changing her lifestyle and habits. She has previously joked that she lost weight by living a boring life. Although the funny actress was just probably trying to make everyone laugh at the time, there is definitely some truth in skipping happy hours and late night snacks.

Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss happened not because she wants to belong in Tinseltown’s skinny celebrity group, but she knew that her weight was a big problem and it may eventually cause her her life. With her family as her inspiration, the Bridesmaids actress slowly changed her lifestyle.

To maintain her new slimmer figure and to keep losing more, the Ghostbusters actress has to keep her body moving and have an exercise regimen. Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss is a result of eating healthier alternatives and doing a workout routine that works for her.

Melissa McCarthy already lost over 75 pounds and she’s definitely committed to losing more.

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