Windows 7 Student Upgrade Kit Fails To Install, Microsoft Offers Refunds

I’m sure Apple will have a heyday with this little bit of news, it appears the download friendly Windows 7 Student Upgrade has been failing on Windows Vista 32-bit systems. A problem established due to an ISO error included with the download.

According to Engadget the issue is occurring because the ISO file that is suppose to execute is actually being read as a .EXE file and several bundles. As users attempt to install the upgrade the system eventually outputa a bunch of nonsense about how the 64-bit upgrade is trying to install on a 32-bit system.

Microsoft is offering refunds to anyone who purchased the $29 upgrade. If you really don’t want to deal with a refund DownloadSquad is showing users how to create a CD out of the downloaded files, although ludites may want to avoid the process.