2020 Presidential Polls: Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Would Beat Donald Trump In Hypothetical Matchup

Mark Zuckerberg for president?

New 2020 presidential polls show that the Facebook founder could have a real shot at becoming the next leader of the free world, as he and a slew of others beat Donald Trump in hypothetical matchups.

Though the election is still more than three years away, an early poll from Zogby Analytics found that the incumbent president is on shaky ground. Trump would fall against a number of challengers including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who holds a nine-point lead — 46 percent to 37 percent, with 17 percent of respondents still undecided.

But the biggest surprise from the 2020 presidential poll could be Mark Zuckerberg, who beats Trump 43 percent to 40 percent. In a three-way race that also includes Trump nemesis and Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, Trump would edge the other two and beat Zuckerberg 36 percent to 34 percent.

As the poll’s analysis found, just about every Democratic contender stands a good chance against Donald Trump, including those without much of a national stature yet.

“It seems to be that whoever is put up against President Trump does seemingly well. This is evidenced by Kamala Harris being somewhat of a novice on the national scene and Mark Zuckerberg not outright announcing a run for the presidency,” the analysis read.

Though Mark Zuckerberg has not spoken publicly about any desire to run for president, many believe the Facebook founder has been positioning himself for a run at a national position. In a story published in July, Newsweek claimed that Zuckerberg could be the biggest threat to Donald Trump.

The report noted that Zuckerberg may be laying the groundwork for an entrance into politics, including a nationwide listening tour that he said is about “learning about how more people are living, working and thinking about the future.” Zuckerberg has also taken a position as a major critic of Donald Trump on key issues, including climate change.

Other 2020 presidential polls have showed a dead heat between Trump and Zuckerberg, Newsweek noted, but the Facebook founder would also face some difficulties. A Public Policy Polling survey found that Zuckerberg is viewed unfavorably by 29 percent of respondents and favorably by just 24 percent. That leaves a full 47 percent of people with no strong feelings, which Zuckerberg would likely need to win over.

If Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg were to face off in three years, as the 2020 presidential polls explore, it would be the first time two billionaires have vied for the highest office in the United States.

[Featured Image by Paul Marotta/Getty Images]