iPhone 8 Looks A Lot Like Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 looks like iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 announcement is just about a month away. There is still some debate on what Apple will officially call the phone once it is released. CNET has the news, along with some features of the next iPhone.

“The third iPhone would be a top-of-the-line model. And thanks to that recent HomePod firmware leak, we appear to know a lot more about it than ever before: An all-new, almost no-bezel design would fit a Plus-size OLED screen into a standard iPhone-sized body. Supposedly, it even drops the Touch ID home button in place of facial recognition.”

The article then adds that the iPhone 8 has been referred to as “D22” and “Ferrari” during the production process. But once it’s finally released, it could be called the iPhone Pro, the iPhone X, or even the iPhone 10. Calling it the “iPhone Anniversary Edition” is also a possibility. One of the commenters after the article thinks it should be called the “iPhone Ultimate Edition.”

Several sites have posted what looks to be the design of the iPhone 8 based on dummy models sent to manufacturers that produce cases for Apple’s devices. Needless to say, the iPhone 8 could look a lot like Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Of course, the main similarity between the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8 is that both phones have practically no bezel. This design allows for both phones to remain around the same size as their predecessors, but with noticeably bigger screens. According to Apple Insider, Apple is creating cameras that are even better than Samsung’s as both the front and rear cameras will record 4K videos at 60 fps. As the article notes, the front-facing cameras on iPhone devices have always recorded stills and videos in a lower resolution than the rear cameras due to design constraints.

Both smartphone manufacturers had originally planned to put a fingerprint reader under the screen, but the technology proved to be too difficult. Samsung put their fingerprint on the rear of the device by the camera (which is seen as a major design flaw), and Apple may not have any fingerprint reader at all.

According to TechRadar and other sources, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most trusted analysts out there, suggests that the iPhone may get rid of a fingerprint reader altogether and just rely on facial recognition. This has not worked that well on previous smartphone devices, but Apple will hopefully be able to perfect the technology like they are known to do.

There are other reasons to look forward to the iPhone 8, with wireless charging, augmented reality capabilities, a higher resolution OLED screen, a faster A11 processor, and a glass body apparently making its way onto Apple’s much anticipated device. Most agree that the new iPhone will be announced in September, but nobody can agree with when the iPhone 8 will arrive in stores. One thing is for sure: The night before the iPhone 8 does go on sale, there will be block-long lines at Apple Store retail locations all over the country.

[Featured Image by Brian Kersey/Getty Images]