‘My Hero Academia’ Season 2, Episode 20-21 Spoilers: All For One’s Past Revealed

Even though Hero Killer Stain is behind bars now, My Hero Academia is about to end up in another catch 22 situation. It seems like All Might’s and his mentor Gran Torino’s old nemesis, All For One, is about to make a move soon through his successor Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains. Besides that, All Might finally discloses about how he got ahold of the ultimate power, One For All.

Boku No Hero Season 2, Episode 19 showed that the students at U.A. High have started their classes once again after their internships were over. While each student has his/her own internship experience story to tell, they are all eager to hear from Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida, and Shoto Todoroki about their latest encounter with Stain the Hero Killer himself. Furthermore, Episode 19 also shows a new type of training known as rescue training exercise. All Might later tells Midoriya to meet him after the training is over.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! If you do not want to know My Hero Academia Season 2, Episode 20 spoilers, then stop right here.

The Secret of the Ultimate Quirk, One For All

Once the training is over, Midoriya reaches out at All Might’s office as instructed. Plus, this is where he gets to know about All Might’s past and how he got ahold of the ultimate quirk called One For All. In My Hero Academia Season 2, Episode 20-21 spoilers, All Might starts out by explaining his (Midoriya’s) experience with Stain.

My Hero Academia Season 2’s previous episodes that featured Midoriya’s, Iida’s, and Shoto’s fight with Stain showed what the hero killer’s quirk could do. Apparently, Stain had the power to take away the freedom to use a quirk of his opponent by tasting the rival’s blood. He was able to lick Midoriya’s blood. This incident may have caused many viewers to think that All Might’s quirk One For All, which is transferable through an exchange of DNA, may have been transferred to Stain as well.

Izuku Midoriya as seen in My Hero Academia Season 2. [Image by Funimation]

However, All Might admits in My Hero Academia Season 2, Episode 20-21 that the power cannot be stolen by force but only granted willingly. All Might, however, notes that quirk is receivable by force.

After the revelation of the way the quirk’s transfer works, he talks about the origin of this unusual power. Season 2, Episode 20-21 of My Hero Academia talks about how there once was a time when the cities were out of control as normal people were not willing to accept people with quirks, who were dangerous back then. In a time when there were no heroes, rose an individual who had the power to steal away quirks of anyone. He was the one called All For One.

Episode 20-21 reveals his story about how he started stealing everyone’s quirks, assembling his evil followers and spreading those quirks among them. All Might further confesses to Midoriya in My Hero Academia Season 2, Episode 20-21 that not only does All For One have the power to take away a quirk, but also to give one. This ability also explains the origin of the experimental beasts with many quirks known by the name Noumu. However, as per All Might’s details, the powers were not bearable by the Noumus, which results in their hideous appearance and the lack of free will.

As for the origin of One For All, it is clear in the episode that All For One’s brother was said to be quirkless but good at heart. The former tried to give his brother a quirk that stockpiles physical power forcefully. But, no one was aware that his brother had a quirk of his own, which was to transfer his quirk to someone. While All For One’s brother was not able to defeat him at that time due to low power, his quirk One For All started accumulating little by little, transferring from one hero to another. Furthermore, later it was All Might who managed to defeat All For One with the stockpiled power in My Hero Academia.

While initially confused, Midoriya finally realized how and why the power of One For All is there within him. My Hero Academia Season 2, Episode 20-21 also reveals that All Might’s stomach injury was caused by fighting with All For One himself. But it seems like he has come back with the Villain Alliance to defeat the superheroes.

How it proceeds from here will be seen further in the upcoming episodes.

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