‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 103 Review: Gohan Seals U10’s Fate In Most Emotional ‘DBS’ Episode To Date

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 103 is arguably one of the most emotional episodes of the anime to date.

Trust Dragon Ball Super to surprise its viewers and fans with a ton of emotions in one episode. After a valiant effort by the Universe 10 warriors to survive in the Tournament of Power, despite their massive strength disadvantage, the beleaguered universe finally got annihilated, thanks to Universe 7’s Gohan. As one of DBS‘s most emotionally powerful scenes played out in the recently aired episode, the repercussions of the ToP were brought out in full force.

Warning: Spoilers below

Dragon Ball Super Episode 103, “Gohan, Be Ruthless! The Showdown with Universe 10!!” started as expected, with No. 17 continuing his battle with Universe 2’s Ribrianne and Goku still battling Rozie, who almost managed to deal some damage to the Saiyan if not for No. 17’s barrier. While Goku and 17’s scenes were engaging, the real focus of the episode was Gohan, and DBS did not waste any time in bringing the character to the forefront.

The Universe 7 warrior first set his eyes on Botamo, the Universe 6 warrior who is immune from taking damage. The skirmish of the two fighters seemed almost repetitive at first, but soon, it became apparent that Gohan had a strategy in mind. Hundreds of punches and a Kamehameha later, Botamo was finally blasted out of the ring, as stated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship.

As soon as Botamo was eliminated, Gohan and Piccolo were challenged by the mightiest fighters of Universe 10, Rubalt and the lightning-quick Obuni. With Piccolo taking on and beating Rubalt by using his classic Hellfire Grenade attack, Gohan was able to deal with Obuni in an intense one-on-one battle.

The fight between Gohan and Obuni was quite a joy to watch, as the Universe 10 fighter was easily seen trying his best to survive. As soon as Gohan powered up to his Ultimate form, however, Obuni’s fate was sealed. One Kamehameha later, Obuni was eliminated, and with that, all of Universe 10’s fighters were entirely wiped out.

In what could only be the episode’s most emotional sequence, Obuni dropped a locket as he was getting eliminated. In it was a picture of his wife and young child, which the warrior was keeping with him the entire time. As Gohan stared at the picture, the gravity of the Tournament of Power was brought out in its full glory. After all, the picture in the locket could easily be Gohan’s own family back on Earth, who would be obliterated if Universe 7 loses the ToP.

With their fighters completely eliminated, Gowasu, the Kaioshin of Universe 10, graciously accepted his death, even lauding his representative warriors for their efforts in the Tournament of Power. As noted by avid DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit, the Universe 10 team accepted their fate like a boss, with Gowasu even confessing at one point during Obuni and Gohan’s fight that deep down, he still has some hope that his universe would survive.

“Once I thought he (Obuni) might win, I suddenly wanted to cling to life.”

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 proved once more that the stakes are high in the Tournament of Power. While there is a lot of humor to go around, the consequences of defeat are very real. As Universe 10 got wiped out and their Angel, Cus, wept, the anime only proved that things are bound to escalate even more in the next few episodes.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available for streaming in the west through services such as Crunchyroll and FunimationNow.

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