‘BB19’ Raven Walton Encouraged By Fellow Houseguests To Start A ‘GoFundMe’ To Raise Money

'Big Brother 19' Raven Walton promo shot

The BB19 house has heard a lot from Raven this summer. She has shared more stories than she should have regarding her health, her mother’s health, and most every other aspect of her life. Raven has said enough that fans and houseguests alike have wondered what is true and what is being stretched.

The following will contain spoilers for Big Brother 19. If you don’t want to know what may make the editorial cut, now is the time to stop reading.

As Elena, Christmas, and Raven gathered to put on makeup, they engaged in chit chat about some of the things going on in the BB19 house. According to Joker’s Updates, the three congratulated each other for being the only girls left in the game, seeming to forget that Alex was one of the girls as well. Eventually, as it always does, the chit chat became about Raven.

Raven Walton was complaining about money. She is worried that her mom will be too sick to earn money and make her car payments, so she may lose her vehicle while in the Big Brother 19 house. Her medication is costly and one for anti-nausea is $110. The list goes on for how concerned she is about her many expenses.

Raven began to share with the other ladies that she is wanting to be able to relocate her mother out to Los Angeles. When she got the opportunity to join Big Brother for this season, her mother had encouraged her to do it. According to Raven, her mother feels that Raven doesn’t have many years left and needs to create memories.

Elena is a disc jockey. She told Raven and Christmas that on her show, they support some GoFundMe accounts and have helped them raise a lot of money. The two houseguests assured Raven that she too would have a GoFundMe account, and would make more money from that than she could win in the Big Brother house.

Imagine the surprise of the houseguests of BB19 when the season ends and their suspicions are confirmed. Most of Raven’s claims have already been discredited. She has a history with GoFundMe accounts as well.

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