Crotch Charms Are Now A Thing: BoDivas 'Beachtail' Jewelry Goes Viral With 20,000 Facebook Shares

With bikini season still in full swing, one Japanese company is going viral with an odd line of crotch charms that are designed to hang from the crotch area of bikinis. According to a very popular article published by the Daily Mail, a company called BoDivas created the "Beachtail" crotch charms that are priced around $20 each. Hailing from Tokyo, the chunky chains are made to fit in a loop around the crotch area of bikini bottoms, with charms dangling from a couple of chains. Not just for bikinis, the "Beachtail" crotch charms can also be worn with regular underwear and panties, as designed by the firm that sells other salacious jewelry.

The Daily Mail article has been shared more than 20,000 times and has gained more than 500 comments in less than 24 hours. Lots of the feedback over the odd line of jewelry from BoDivas features people joking about just how uncomfortable the "Beachtail" crotch charms must be for those who wear the charms between their legs. The metallic charms contain different colors of crystals that hang from the jewelry that's been dubbed classy and original. It isn't known just how comfortable or uncomfortable it might be to have the metal chains in such a delicate area, especially in light of any follicles that could get caught therein.

The jewelry from BoDivas would likely draw stares, as the chains dangle approximately three inches between the legs, and are comprised of rhodium silver-plated brass. On Twitter, the BoDivas ボディジュエリー account, which can be found at the @BoDivasShop Twitter handle, has a small number of followers, but with the newfound attention being brought to the odd jewelry, the company's social media following will likely grow.

A perusal of the other jewelry offered by the BoDivas firms proves that the company specializes in naughty jewelry, including ways to decorate the chest area or other private areas. The company also enjoys a NSFW Etsy shop with 127 items, along with their products featured on Amazon as well. However, due to the nature of the products, the company doesn't have many customer reviews on Amazon. In the unlikely event that the crotch charms catch on, other companies very well might duplicate the jewelry.

[Featured Image by Agna Devi/Shutterstock]