Cheetos To Open Upscale Restaurant Featuring A Three-Course Cheetos-Infused Menu

Cheetos connoisseurs inspired the collaboration between Frito Lay and celebrity chef Anne Burrell, which resulted in the world’s first Cheetos restaurant. Celebrity chef Burrell specially crafted the “dangerously cheesy” menu to offer a full range of dishes that are particularly appetizing for Cheetos lovers.

Located in the trendy Tribeca area of New York City, “The Spotted Cheetah” will be open for three days, beginning August 15 through August 17, and promises to deliver “cheesy, crunchy, and downright delicious food.”

The restaurant will feature a three-course all-Cheetos menu, beginning with starters like Fried Green Tomatoes breaded with a white cheddar Cheetos crust paired with a fresh corn and cherry tomato arugula salad and even hearty Cheetos Meatballs. Main course options include Flamin’ Hot Limón Tacos, Cheetos Mix-ups, Crusted Chicken Milanese with mixed greens, hazelnuts, and the super cheesy dish, Flamin’ Hot and White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheetos.

As a final touch, attendees will have their choice of Cheetos-infused desserts like goat cheesecake with a crunchy Cheetos Sweetos crust, Cheetos Sweetos Sweet & Salty Cookies, and Cheetos Sweetos Apple Crepe.

“As a long-time Cheetos fan, I’m thrilled to join forces with a snack brand that is truly an iconic American staple… I had so much fun curating this specially crafted, one-of-a-kind menu for the first Cheetos restaurant — I can’t wait to see guests’ reactions!”

Fast food restaurants have dabbled with a Cheetos-inspired menu. Burger King added “Mac n’ Cheetos” twice to its menu. Taco Bell also launched Cheetos Quesadillas in the Philippines, and in 2016, was said to be testing out Cheetos burritos.

According to CBS, upscale restaurant Park Avenue Autumn has served a Broccoli & Cheetos dish for years.

Seating is limited, so Cheetos lovers that are interested in the dining experience should make reservations through the website, Open Table. The three-course menu will range from $8 to $22, according to a release.

Pop-Tarts is another major food brand that has opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Pop-Tarts opened a pop-up shop in February. Some of the menu items include a personal Pop-Tart pizza, chili Pop-Tart fries, and tarty tacos and burritos.

In 2016, PepsiCo opened a bar and restaurant called Kola House in which the company pushed “craft sodas” with the goal of staying culturally relevant.

There is no official definition for what makes a soda “craft,” but the trend is characterized by physical traits such as glass bottles and ingredients that are perceived as “wholesome.” Jaime Jose is a 21-year-old student from NYC who does not drink soda but said that she will sometimes buy the glass bottles of Coke as an occasional treat.

“It’s that retro thing of having a story behind it,” Jose added.

Cheetos recipes including Cheetos sushi rolls, Cheetos bagels, and cheesy Cheetos pizzas have been shared online by Cheetos-lovers across the globe. According to a press release, the unique recipes sparked the idea to open the upscale Cheetos restaurant.

[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]