Gossip Girl Series Finale Sneak Peek: Do Chuck And Blair Tie The Knot?

Gossip Girl, the ultra-popular series about the beautiful people living on the Upper East Side of NYC airs on Monday. US Weekly offered fans a sneak peek of the final moments of the series. Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick) is shown in one preview photo wearing a wedding ring.

Even though one of the show favorites is shown with a wedding ring, that does not necessarily mean he and his lady love finally walk down the aisle in the final Gossip Girl episode. Executive producer Stephanie Savage had this to say about the highly-anticipated finale episode during the US Weekly interview:

“I’ve said that there is a dream sequence, a flashback and a flash forward in the final episodes.”

The little boy shown in the photo with Westick’s character is Alexander Bento. The child is identified only as Henry in the CW network still shop. The adorable little guy could be Chuck and Blair’s (played by Leighton Meester), a ring bearer, or merely a cute kid who needed help dialing a number and Bass was handy.

During the Gossip Girls series finale several former cast members are slated to make an appearance. Taylor Momsen reprises her role as the quirky, creative, and often snarky Jenny Humphrey. Connor Paolo also rejoins the cast as Erik van der Woodsen. Katie Cassidy will once again play Juliet Sharp for the series finale.

Kristen Bell, who narrates the show as Gossip Girl will also make a cameo appearance on the series finale on Monday. During an interview with E! News Meester noted that after six seasons on Gossip Girl it will be nice to move on and do something different.