‘BB19’ Spoilers: Chaos Takes Over After Nominees Revealed, Several Houseguests Worried On Feeds

Ryan DeVault - Author

Aug. 11 2017, Updated 8:47 p.m. ET

BB19 spoilers keep coming from the live feeds on Friday, August 11. Lines were also drawn in the sand by Alex Ow. Among the Big Brother 19 spoilers that came out were the Temptation Competition results, the Week 7 HOH nominations, and who the ultimate target is at the Week 7 Eviction Ceremony. There was also a bit of drama as the alliance led by Alex and Paul Abrahamian are starting to distance themselves from Kevin Schlehuber. A lot of arguing has also been taking place, suggesting anything could happen this weekend.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alex Ow decided to nominate Elena Davies and Jason Dent for eviction. She came to this decision after a lot of debating with her alliance members and some in-depth discussions with Paul Abrahamian about how they should approach the rest of the week. Matthew Clines is the third nominee, as he finished last place in the Temptation Competition, making him an automatic nominee for the week. Those weren’t the only Big Brother 19 spoilers from Friday, though, that came out on the live feeds.

If they stick to the original plan, then everyone is working to make sure that Cody Nickson gets evicted this week, but a report by fan site Joker’s Updates is starting to show that Kevin Schlehuber may have worn out his welcome. There was a lot of concern expressed by other BB19 cast members that Kevin was trying hard to work with Cody and that one-on-one conversations were taking place. Not only is that chipping away at the trust level that other houseguests have for Kevin, it has made him a topic of negative conversations.

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Some other BB19 spoilers reveal the thoughts of several houseguests that were expressed on Friday evening. Kevin Schlehuber wants to target just guys for eviction because so many women have already been evicted, Paul Abrahamian is expressing how confident he is that Raven Walton will team up with him should Matt Clines get evicted, and Alex Ow wants to put Kevin on the block because she doesn’t think he can handle it. Several of Kevin’s alliance members were poking fun at him after he left the “meeting” and wondering if they could get him to blow up.

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There is a rough plan starting to be formulated where the group of Paul Abrahamian, Alex Ow, Christmas Abbott, and Jason Dent replace Kevin Schlehuber in their alliance with Raven Walton. It’s a “reach” at this point, though, because Raven may not want to work with them if they end up evicting Matthew Clines this week. As a reminder of past Big Brother 19 spoilers, Raven Walton and Matt Clines are involved in a very hot-and-heavy showmance. They are one of three significant showmances to form in the BB19 house.

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This anti-Kevin movement was spurred on by Alex Ow getting frustrated that he was taking a lot of the goodies that she had received in her HOH basket this week. Paul Abrahamian was also part of that, though, as he took one of her Cokes and split it with Kevin. Moving forward, Kevin isn’t at any risk this week, but he better figure out that the alliance is shifting before he ends up a Week 8 nominee for eviction. For now, the biggest targets in the BB19 cast are Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen.

The Veto Competition is going to take place early on Saturday, August 12, with a lot on the line for the three nominees (Elena Davies, Matt Clines, and Jason Dent) as well as the Head of Household (Alex Ow). Nearly everyone else has expressed interest in playing for the Power of Veto, but it might be most important for Cody Nickson, as it is the only way he will have a say in whether or not he gets evicted this week. More Big Brother 19 spoilers are expected to come out on the live feeds, especially if Kevin Schlehuber figures things out.

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