Fake Punt When Leading By 30? Pete Carroll Apologizes For Running Up Score

No one expected the Seattle Seahawks to stop trying during their blowout win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday but was it really necessary to run a fake punt when leading by 30 points? Head coach Pete Carroll apologized for the trick play and said that he should have called it off.

According to Carroll, he didn’t exactly call for the fake punt. The play was called on the field after the Seahawks recognized a vulnerable formation. Carroll said it was an “automatic play” but noted that he should have stepped in to call it off.

Carroll said:

“I feel bad about this. We looked for it every time we were going to punt, and it was just there. I should have stopped it in the sense that it looked bad. It was an automatic for us and I didn’t do it … It just happened – we’re trying to make first downs and (I) let it go … It’s unfortunate that it comes across like we’re doing something wrong there. That’s my fault, totally, for not stopping it from happening.”

The Seahawks were facing a fourth and four when they ran their fake punt. Running back Michael Robinson took the snap and was able to run for 29 yards. The Seahawks would then go on to add a field goal on their way to a 50-17 victory.

The recent criticism comes just a week after the Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals 58-0. Carroll pulled some of his starters during that game but still threw the ball down field.

After the Cardinals game, Carroll said:

“Any of the throws we threw in the fourth quarter, Matt just needed to throw the ball around some. We did a little bit of everything. Quick game. A couple naked [bootlegs] to just get him out of the pocket, just to give him a chance to get some time. Hopefully, everyone understands that.”

Do you think that running a fake punt when your leading by 30 is bad sportsmanship? Do you think Pete Carroll was right to apologize?