Chelsea Manning Photographed By Vogue In Swimsuit, Talks Love, Prison And More

It turns out that Chelsea Manning has been photographed for an upcoming issue of Vogue. USA Today shared the details about the pictures and also what all Chelsea is going to talk about in this interview. This is a big interview with details about finding love, prison and more. In the picture, Chelsea can be seen in a red one-piece swimsuit out enjoying the beach. Annie Leibovitz was the one who took the photos of her for Vogue.

Chelsea actually spent seven years in prison before being released. She went to jail for providing government secrets to Wikileaks. Chelsea says that she feels natural and like the way she was always supposed to be. She actually transitioned while she was in prison. She revealed that she didn’t feel right before as a man and now all of that, including the anxiety that came with it, is gone. It sounds like Chelsea feels like she might the right decision by transitioning.

Manning shared that she has no plans to be single and hopes to start dating soon. She didn’t sound like she has found love yet and didn’t share if she is interested in males or females. Manning admits that while in prison she tried to kill herself twice. She shared that growing up she considered herself gay. This could mean that she plans to date men in the future, but Chelsea didn’t confirm that just yet. She actually hoped that joining the military would help her be okay with being who she was, but it didn’t work in that way. It took a long time for her to be okay with just being who she is, but she seems to have got there now.

Chelsea Manning says now that she leaked all of the information she did because she wanted to expose wrongdoings. She even tried to reach out to media outlets first, but it didn’t work out and instead, she just sent everything to WikiLeaks before she had to head back to Iraq. If you read the article, it will explain more about Chelsea and how she is doing now.

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[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]