‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Leak Reveals Fighter Abilities, Reason Behind Absence Of Arale And More

Details about the warriors competing in the lethal Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super have come to light, providing a look at what type of battles fans can expect going forward.

In a couple of Dragon Ball Super-dedicated pages from a new magazine shared and translated by the ever-reliable Dragon Ball insider Todd Blankenship also known as Herms98, some of the abilities of the competitors in the Universe Survival Arc were detailed.

It is revealed in the magazine that the group led by Ribrianne, who was seen in action in the previous Dragon Ball Super episodes, are referred to as Fireballs as opposed to the purported Kamikaze Fireballs.

It was also divulged by Blankenship based on the magazine that Universe 4 is dominated by fighters that utilize “strange, ninja-like techniques” during combat. The remaining two members of the group are yet to be named although fans can expect the fighter Ganos to be “tricky and nimble” when he hits the ring in Dragon Ball Super.

Last but not the least, Jirasen of Universe 10 was described as a narcissist, but Dragon Ball Super is yet to show that. The warrior has been ringed out of the game already, sustaining serious damage in the process, after Brianne rolled toward him while battling Piccolo.

Ribrianne and company in 'Dragon Ball Super'

Blankenship also provided translations from the Dragon Ball Super magazine scans from YonkouProd. There, it was stated that Ganos, as confirmed in the more recent leak, is indeed a warrior with ninja skills. The fighter Paparoni is able to send signals with the cane that he carries around.

With regards to the level of strength on Goku’s team, the magazine did not go into much detail and instead described Goku as the strongest among the Universe 7 warriors while Freeza is not too far behind. Kuririn was deemed the strongest Earthling while Android 17 is indicated to boast “high” combat abilities.

There are also explanations as to why some Dragon Ball characters that would otherwise be ideal for a tournament like this are not partaking. In the case of Yamcha, it is simply because “Goku never asked,” which suggests that if he did, maybe fans would have been able to see him in action in Dragon Ball Super.

Videl is not part of it apparently because Gohan “might not approve” while Mr. Satan was supposed to join, only to back out. Yajirobe, on the other hand, was just deemed “unsuited” since he will not be able to use a weapon during battle. Jaco is not part of the Dragon Ball Super arc since he appears to be busy with patrolling the galaxy.

Goten and Trunks are not included in the ongoing Dragon Ball Super tournament for the fact that they are kids, which some fans found as odd since the youngsters have been in pretty big fights even with grownups when they were younger than they are in the anime.

Arale was also someone fans would have wanted to see join the fray in Dragon Ball Super, but the magazine provided no explanation for his absence, just that it would have been amazing if he was picked.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday on Fuji TV.

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