‘The Power Is Yours!’: Captain Planet And The Planeteers Have A ‘Heart’ For Same-Sex Marriage

Of all the notables to ever show support for same-sex marriage, fictional superhero Captain Planet and his band of teenage “Planeteers” may be the most unexpected yet, but their message will touch you nonetheless.

In a Facebook post made by the official social media profile of the 1990s animated children series on Wednesday, the green-haired leader of the collective of Earth protectors — or the person who controls his social media pages — touched base on Australia’s current battle to make marriage legal for all genders throughout the continent.

“Without heart, there would be no Captain Planet!” the post, attached to an image of all five Planeteers wearing their power rings — Gi (Water), Kwame (Earth), Wheeler (Fire), Ma-Ti (Heart), and Linka (Wind) — reads.

“You have only 14 days to make sure you are enrolled to vote for the postal vote on same sex marriage [in Australia]. THE POWER IS YOURS!”

Strewn across the image of the smiling Planeteers was the phrase, “Heart, not hate,” with a rainbow underneath.

Almost immediately, followers of the Facebook page began questioning if the children’s figure should be speaking on such an adult matter — but Captain Planet was quick to retort that all Earth matters, including same-sex marriage, were of the utmost importance to him.

“People are a huge part of our planet,” the environmental crusader responded to one follower, “and caring about each other is one of the most important things we can do to make our world a better place.”

captain planet same sex marriage australia
Fictional superheroes Captain Planet and the Planeteers care about all issues of Earth -- including same sex marriage in Australia. [Image by allanswart/iStock]

Noting the 113 episodes of the series, which ran for six seasons between 1990 and 1996 and can currently be streamed on Amazon Prime, as The Guardian reports, Captain Planet went on to note that he and his Planeteers are also just as passionate about other issues that affect the planet and its people, including deadly diseases like AIDS and cancer, and gun violence involving children.

“The power of heart is all about compassion,” Captain Planet continued explaining on Facebook, “[as well as] caring about our planet and each other. [We’ve done] episodes about children in war torn countries, AIDS and gun violence.”

“We care.”

Since being posted, Captain Planet’s approving nod toward same-sex marriage has been shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the touching post below.

[Featured Image by Captain Planet Foundation/Facebook]