Santas, Twilight, Jimmy Fallon: Suspension Of Disbelief

Twilight is over. Christmas is coming. Certainties that are known.

So what better way to celebrate two popular, cultural phenomenons than to bring them both together.

Clearly Jimmy Fallon agreed. On a recent episode of NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the mischievous funnyman accepted a viewer’s challenge to see two “professional actors” — dressed as Santa — reenact the first, kiss scene between “Edward and Bella” from the first Twilight film.

It’s worth suspending judgment at this point. What happens isn’t at all what you think will happen.

First Fallon introduces the “Bella and Edward” actors. Of course, they’re nothing like Brit actor Robert Pattinson and California ‘beat girl’ Kristen Stewart.

They’re also both dressed as Santa Claus.

Moving set pieces appear courtesy of stagehands behind them. The pieces recreate Bella’s bedroom in Forks, Washington. Music from a piano begins, reminiscent of Carter Burwell’s haunting theme. Then, the dialogue comes.

“How did you get in here?,” says Santa Bella.

“The window,” quips Santa Edward.

“Do you do that a lot?” Santa Bella asks in a shocked tone.

“Just the past couple of months … I find it kind of fascinating,” Santa Edward admits.

And so the sketch goes on, all the way to the big moment. It’s a must see video, for one simple reason.

Despite everything being thrown at it, that could have made it utterly ridiculous — it works. It’s funny, and the laughter is with the actors, not at them.

It also goes to show that true pop cultural moments — and the first Twilight film was arguably that — can transcend absurdity, parody, and perhaps even contempt.

Do you think the sketch worked, or did it leave you cold? Underneath the Fallon clip are more parodies from The Twilight Saga’s history. All links thanks to TwiExaminer.