Sandy Hook Gunman Went To College At 16, Was B Student

The story of Adam Lanza continues to get more detailed every day. The latest revelation is that the accused gunman went to college at 16.

Lanza, the man accused of killing 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week, attended classes at Western Connecticut State University at just 16-years-old. Paul Steinmetz, a spokesman for the, told the Associated Press that Lanza was a B student at the college.

Lanza earned an A in a computer class, a B in macroeconomics, and an A-minus in American history. Lanza was also enrolled in a German language class and a computer science class but eventually decided to drop those courses. The NY Daily News reports that the accused gunman earned a C in ethical theory.

Steinmetz said: “His overall GPA for the six classes that he completed was 3.26.”

Dot Stasny, one of Lanza’s former classmates, described the accused gunman of being quiet and shy. Stasny said that she attributed Lanza’s shyness to the fact that he was a 16 year old in a class full of people in their 20s.
Stasny said:

“We attributed him being quiet to him being so much younger than the rest of us. I assumed he was this super smart kid who was just doing extra course work.”

Another former classmate, Gretchen Olson, said:

“We never really knew much about him … We said hi to him from time to time. He smiled sometimes.”

The spokesman for Western Connecticut State University said that Lanza took classes at the college until the Summer of 2009. He never graduated and did not return to the school the following fall.