June 16, 2013
Buyer Beware: Early Black Friday Ads Could Be Misleading, Even Fake

A recent ad by the Black Friday site BF Ads recent showed an Office Max advertisement with 48 items listed. Several hours later that ad was removed and replaced with a cease and desist letter from the companies attorneys.

According to the letter "“Not only is most or all of the information BFads.net is disseminating regarding OfficeMax advertisements and sales false or misleading, such information is also misapproriated OfficeMax confidential information,”

While BF Ads claims that most adverts they reveal are typically final revisions, they also admitted that many ads arriving this early are often misleading or outright forgeries, which is why they agreed to pull the ad for fear they may mislead Office Max customers.

This entire fiasco brings up an important message for customers, beware of early ads, regardless of how real they may look. Having come from an acquisition retail background I can attest that many blowout specials are often negotiated close to the time of sale, yes perhaps a few items will be negotiated well in advance, however seeing 48 items already ready for a special a month away is a little dodgy at best, even for larger retail outlets, although not impossible.

With that being said, BF Ads has obviously taken the high road to ensure their customers are provided with correct information as it arrives, just remember not all Black Friday sites are so willing to verify information, instead attempting to gain consumer affiliate money at any cost, so check sources and be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time verifying any Black Friday ads that seem too good to be true.