Heather Nauert: Twitter Thinks Cameron Diaz Should Play Nauert In 2017 Movie About Nuclear War Apocalypse

The Internet has already selected an actress to play State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, in an imagined movie about a 2017 nuclear war: Cameron Diaz. As seen in the below tweets, Twitter users couldn't help but note how much Heather looks like Cameron, with at least one Twitter user already casting Diaz as Nauert in an action movie about nuclear war. Heather is getting a big reaction on social media, one day after Nauert appeared in a press briefing at the State Department on Wednesday, August 9. Heather told the public that in the wake of President Donald Trump's "fire and fury" comment leveled at North Korea, the White House, State Department and Pentagon are all on one page and are all speaking with the same voice, even if the words used might differ.

A search for Heather's name on Twitter reveals not only folks giving her kudos or a hard time for her role, but also uncovers people comparing Nauert's looks to Cameron's countenance. In fact, so many people are comparing Heather to Cameron that they've gotten specific about the Diaz era that Nauert favors. For example, one Twitter user wrote that Heather looks most like the Diaz of the early 2000s. Other Twitter users are trying to get SNL to book Cameron to portray Heather in a comedy sketch.

With Cameron being considered a beautiful actress, plenty of folks are writing that Heather should be flattered to be compared to Diaz. So many folks are calling Nauert a dead ringer for Cameron that some are tweeting that they initially believed Heather was Cameron, and that somehow Diaz had gotten a job with the State Department. However, Heather is a 47-year-old former Fox News correspondent, according to the Hill, who was a Fox & Friends anchor since 2012. Nauert's experience with Fox News and Fox affiliates have comprised of nearly 20 years worth of experience, save for a two-year stint with ABC News.

Heather Nauert
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While the world of Twitter jokes about Cameron being the new State Department rep in Trump's administration, Diaz has been keeping a pretty low profile, in comparison to years past. Diaz can be seen below from the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016.

Heather Nauert
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