‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Kate Throws Andre Under The Bus, DiMera Is Truly Hurt By Her Actions

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for next week reveal that Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) will throw Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) under the bus. The situation happens at a board meeting for DiMera Enterprises. Some fans are wondering if Andre is starting to develop feelings for Kate because he is truly hurt by her actions.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is coming up on the NBC soap opera.

According to Daytime Royalty Online, Kate Roberts and Andre DiMera are headed toward some marital and business drama. As fans know, they didn’t marry for love, but due to a business arrangement. While Chad (Billy Flynn) was missing, someone had to take charge. The board of DiMera Enterprises didn’t trust Andre, especially with his colorful history. However, he did trust Kate and she controlled the company once before. So, she became a DiMera by marriage and wed Andre.

Kate is ruthless in business. Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that marriage doesn’t change that. While in a meeting with the board members, Kate completely throws Andre under the bus. What is interesting is how Andre responds. He is truly hurt by what she has done. There were already fans suspecting that the two might fall for one another. This just solidifies the fact that Andre actually has feelings for his wife.

In the past on DOOL, Andre was a villain in every sense of the word. As one fan wrote in a forum, he was a serial killer. While some don’t understand this different version of Andre, it’s actually a good thing. Even villains have complex layers. Viewers recall this from watching Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) over the years and more recently, Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry).

On Instagram, Thaao Penghlis has been teasing that Kate and Andre might still be together several months from now. They might even fall in love. That speculation is being more of a reality considering how hurt Andre feels by Kate’s business-related betrayal. However, will he let his pain cause him to react in a way that will start a war? Or will Kate’s softer side emerge once she finds out that the former villain is hurt by what she has done?

What do you think is going to happen with Andre and Kate on Days Of Our Lives?

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