Newtown Shooting: Second Victim Survives Attack And Recovering In Local Hospital

Newtown, CT – Two Sandy Hook Elementary School victims are currently recovering in the hospital. Initial reports after the school shooting tragedy noted that only one victim had survived the attack. The names of the Newtown survivors have not yet been released.

Connecticut State Police officers plan on interviewing the Sandy Hook shooting victims once their medical conditions improve, according to NBC News. Law enforcement investigators continue to interview non-wounded witnesses and analyze evidence found at Adam Lanza’s home.

During a Monday morning press conference Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance noted that a massive amount of witnesses will be spoken with and that conversations with the students will be handled “extremely delicately.” Lt. Vance would not comment on whether or not investigators had spoken with medical professionals about Adam Lanza’s alleged mental health issues, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A motive for the horrific mass shooting still has not emerged. Although knowing why Adam Lanza decided to shoot his own mother (Nancy Lanza) in the head and then unleash such unimaginable violence on Sandy Hook Elementary School will not ease the pain of grieving parents and loved ones, the victim’s families deserve information about what led up to Newtown shooting.

Law enforcement officers are surely working as thoroughly and quickly as they can to provide answers to the shattered families in the seemingly safe and quiet small town. By all reports, even the most veteran police and emergency responders are struggling emotionally with the scene they encountered inside the Sandy Hook school.


The hurried response by police officers is credited with saving the lives of more students and staff inside the Sandy Hook school. Adam Lanza reportedly took his own life as saw police officers converging upon the school grounds. When the school shooter died he allegedly had “hundreds of rounds” of ammunition still at his disposal.