Aaron Carter Asks Chloe Grace Moretz On A Date Following His Bisexual Confession

Aaron Carter is now single and ready to mingle as he invites Chloe Grace Moretz on a date after learning that he was the actress’s childhood crush during a magazine’s cover interview with her.

Talking to Variety, Moretz confessed that Carter was her childhood celebrity crush and even admitted that she got into a fight with her friend who also likes the “I Want Candy” singer. In fact, the 20-year-old “If I Stay” star admitted that she was open to meeting him personally, if given the chance.

“Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet,” she told the outlet in a magazine cover interview for its “Power of Young Hollywood” issue.

With a stroke of luck and a maybe a bit of her fame thrown in, what was only a possibility might just become a reality for the young actress as the footage of her interview with the magazine reached her childhood crush quickly, thanks to social media.

After seeing this clip, Aaron Carter made a very public response to Chloe on August 9 by sharing the video of her interview with an adorable date invitation on Twitter.

“Hey @ChloeGMoretz – let’s set up a date. The crush is mutual,” the singer wrote and added a heart eyes emoji at the end of his post.

Check out what made him react like that in the Twitter video below.


According to Hollywood Life, the Kick Ass star hasn’t responded to Aaron’s date invitation yet although a lot of fans are already shipping what could be a new Hollywood couple in the making.


After all, the 29-year-old singer is single now that he and Madison Parker broke up, something he admitted to The Bert Show on August 9.

“To be honest, I’m alone right now, and I would like to have a relationship,” he said before his voice cracked up.

“Sorry, got a little teary-eyed. I just went through a breakup.”

Apparently, 28-year-old Madison was not happy to learn about Aaron being a bisexual, which ultimately caused the two to split up.

For those who haven’t been up to speed, the 29-year-old artist came out as a bisexual via a lengthy post on Twitter on August 6.


While some — like Madison — weren’t happy with the news, many members of Aaron Carter’s fanbase congratulated and supported him for coming out, something the singer deeply appreciated.


As for Aaron Carter dating Chloe Grace Moretz, much is left to be said and done as the two made no further comment on the matter as of the writing of this article, so fans would just have to wait and see where this goes. If it even goes anywhere, that is.

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[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]