‘BB19’ Fans Speaking Out On Christmas Using Ring Of Replacement, Unable To Compete In OTEV

BB19 fans watched as the house was affected by the introduction of the Den of Temptation. Plans have been changed on a dime because of the three powers that were released into the game, and the curses that followed each. Tonight the final power was played, but not without controversy.

A little refresher on the Den of Temptation

Week one, America gave Paul the Pendant of Protection to ensure his safety for three weeks. Cody was blindsided when he had to nominate a fifth nominee for the week when Paul produced the necklace. The next temptation was the Ring of Replacement given to Christmas. She has held it close until tonight. It is valuable to be able to replace a Power of Veto player picked by random draw. The final BB19 temptation, given to Jessica, was the Halting Hex. She proudly used it last week to save herself and Cody.

As fans saw on the show tonight, Christmas using the Ring of Replacement caused some drama in the house. Jessica felt betrayed, while Christmas says it is all about playing the Big Brother game. Jessica did the same last week with her temptation, after all. She used it to accomplish something she felt would further her game, as Christmas did tonight.

Social media is working overtime to keep up with all the posts, both during and after the BB19 show tonight. Fans are speaking out on Christmas being allowed to use the Ring of Replacement for a competition she would not be allowed to participate in. Team Cody feels that Jody has been treated poorly, one more time, by production allowing Christmas to use her power when she could not participate, due to medical clearance. They feel that if she couldn’t compete, he should have been allowed to. Team House is coming back with comments saying a power given to a houseguest to be used anytime this summer can be used at any Power of Veto the holder wants, regardless of any restrictions other than those given at the time it was awarded. It wouldn’t be fair to not let Christmas use her power if she is allowed to remain in the game.



There is a lot of bantering this summer from both sides on social media. The two sides agree on about as much as Jody and the majority of the house — not much. Fans from both sides are calling foul on interference by CBS and production for providing assistance to the other side. The strong personalities in the BB19 house have kept the game stirred up almost constantly. The outcome of tomorrow night’s live eviction will, no doubt, begin a new round of drama in the house, especially if Cody happens to win the next Head of Household.

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