Phoenix Cops Say Homeless Man Crept Into 4-Year-Old Girl’s Bed ‘Partially Naked’ — And Didn’t Leave

Police in Phoenix say a 4-year-old girl walked into her bedroom recently and discovered an unknown, partially naked man making himself at home — and curled up under her bed sheets.

Maricopa County Superior Court records note that Scott Schoenfeld was picked up by Phoenix police Saturday after being found in the little girl’s bedroom half-naked and refusing to depart the premises, according to FOX 5 News.

The 40-year-old Schoenfeld, who is reportedly homeless, “allegedly found his way into a house in Downtown Phoenix,” FOX 5 explains, “while [the] little girl and her father were [at] home.”

“Schoenfeld [then] reportedly got too comfortable in the girl’s bedroom, and it was the 4-year-old who found him there,” the news station continues.

Wisely running off to inform her father, the young girl eventually returned to her room with her dad in tow, who threatened the naked Phoenix man to leave the bedroom and his home. Schoenfeld supposedly refused to do so.

Cops arrived shortly thereafter and repeated for Schoenfeld to exit the bed slowly, with his hands up. That demand was also said to have been ignored by the accused.

“Officers then discovered Schoenfeld was naked below the waist, after they [forcefully] pulled back the sheet,” NBC 12 News also states.

“He was touching himself under the sheet,” they go on to note.

The Phoenix man was ultimately apprehended on charges of indecent exposure and criminal trespassing, and escorted from the home while still partially naked, Arizona Central adds.

During a hearing in Maricopa County this week, Phoenix cops relayed that the homeless man told officers that the “Holy Spirit” had forced him to break into the home around 7:30 Saturday evening, and begin disrobing.

“Schoenfeld told police the Holy Spirit led him to the house and that ‘the ladies’ donated the house to him,” according to court paperwork.

phoenix naked man
Phoenix police arrested a homeless man who was found inside of a 4-year-old girl's bedroom, partially naked. [Image by DaydreamsGirl/iStock]

The man did not offer the identities of the alleged “ladies” who granted him access to the home, which is said to be located in downtown Phoenix.

Neighbors in the area remarked to reporters that they often witness homeless people aimlessly walking around and causing a nuisance, and have complained to law officials before about the ruckus and potential danger.

“People talking to themselves and stuff like that, yelling at themselves,” said resident Yvonne Mijares.

“We make sure everything is locked before we go to bed. We lock our gate and everything.”

The Phoenix girl was not said to have been physically harmed by the naked homeless man.

[Featured Image by Lower Buckeye Jail]