‘Power’ Season 4 Last Three Episodes Leaked, Starz Vows To Take Legal Action

First, there was the HBO leak, and now the last episodes of Starz’s Power Season 4 are making rounds online due to a security breach in the Starz press portal. The media site is open to members of the press who are given advanced access to upcoming episodes. Three episodes were leaked: one episode is complete but a few minutes are missing on the other two.

Courtney Kemp’s series is currently the biggest show on Starz, and the network released a statement on Wednesday stating they are going to pursue legal action. The network confirmed the last three episodes of Power Season 4 was leaked online.

“This seems to be a case of password sharing that resulted in homemade videos of the episodes which were taped off a TV screen and posted online.”

The network continued they already started forensic investigations and they are going to pursue legal action against the parties responsible for the leaked episodes of Power Season 4. As for determining who was behind the leak, Starz may not have much of a problem since the person responsible posted the video on a personal social media account. As reported in Deadline, the leaked episodes of Power were taken using a phone. The mastermind even made a commentary throughout the episodes and revealed his face at the end of the video. The person reportedly paid someone to gain access to the media portal for unreleased content and taped all three episodes of Power using a white iPhone with a broken screen.


Power Season 4 has been getting high viewership ratings since the latest installment of the series started airing on June 25. The show is supposed to have its season finale on September 3, and Power has already been renewed for a fifth season. While the network is livid over the leaked episodes of Power Season 4, this doesn’t necessarily mean the viewership ratings are going to take a hit.


Just recently, Game of Thrones Episode 4 was leaked online prior to the August 6 air date. It was revealed that the leak happened through 21st Century Fox’s subsidiary Star India. Although the leaked copy’s authenticity was confirmed, this did not affect the viewership of the show’s August 6 episode. In fact, the leaked episode pulled in the highest viewership for GoT yet.

Power Season 4 is scheduled to air “It’s Done,” one of the leaked episodes, on Sunday at 9 p.m.


[Featured Image by Todd Williamson/Getty Images]