‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From August 9 Episode Include Veto Results, Final Week 6 Eviction Nominees

This Big Brother 19 recap includes spoilers from the August 9 episode. Josh Martinez is the current Head of Household and he was tasked with nominating two people for eviction. After he did that, the BB19 house played for the Power of Veto and this particular episode covers everything that took place. Will the Veto results impact who goes home this week? This Episode 20 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Wednesday, August 9, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

After Josh Martinez won the HOH Competition, the BB19 house had to participate in the latest Temptation Competition. Cody Nickson ended up winning it, making him safe from getting nominated or evicted. Jessica Graf finished in last place, though, making her the third nominee for eviction. At the Nomination Ceremony, Josh selected Elena Davies and Mark Jansen to take a seat on the block. Entering Episode 20, it was Elena, Mark, and Jessica at an extreme risk of becoming the next houseguest who goes home.

The August 9 Big Brother 19 recap picks up following the Week 6 Nomination Ceremony and how people were reacting to the news. In Diary Room sessions, Jessica again stated that she threw the Temptation Competition on purpose, while Elena and Mark expressed concern about being on the block. She hasn’t been telling the truth in most of her Diary Room sessions, so there isn’t any reason for fans to believe her now. When Josh tried to approach her, she was rude to him again, but maybe she should have just listened.

Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott were shown talking about the Ring of Replacement a bit later. Christmas didn’t want to use her temptation advantage just yet, but Paul was pushing hard for her to replace Cody Nickson if he were to be selected to play for the Power of Veto. The Ring of Replacement was revealed in Big Brother 19 spoilers from earlier in the season, as it was the second temptation that America assigned to one of the houseguests. Paul and Jessica received the other two.

Paul then went to work on Josh Martinez about shifting his target for eviction from Elena Davies over to Jessica Graf. Josh had made no secret of the fact that he wanted Elena to be the houseguest going home this week, but most of his alliance in the BB19 house was settled on Jessica. Paul, with the help of Christmas, succeeded on getting Josh to look at a different target. This confirmed a number of additional Big Brother 19 spoilers that may have already been obvious to subscribers of the CBS live feeds.

At the drawing of the Veto players, Mark Jansen chose Alex Ow to join him and then Cody Nickson was selected to play for the Power of Veto. Cody was pretty excited until Christmas Abbott announced that she would be using the Ring of Replacement to join the Veto Competition (#JustBlink). Most of the house seemed pretty excited about what was taking place, as Christmas hadn’t told everyone about the special temptation. Meanwhile, Cody has never looked angrier in the BB19 house.

The Veto Competition was the OTEV challenge, which would eliminate one houseguest in each round. As a reminder, the six participants were Josh Martinez, Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, Jessica Graf, Christmas Abbott, and Alex Ow. Christmas couldn’t actually play, though, due to her medical condition. Elena was the first participant eliminated. With four people left, it was Jessica who got eliminated next, stating they were “lucky.” Mark ended up winning the Power of Veto, giving him the power to save himself.

Josh knew that Mark was going to save himself and so did the rest of the BB19 house. Raven Walton and Matt Clines each volunteered to be pawns this week, allowing Josh to decide which one of them would get used as a replacement nominee. At the Veto Ceremony, Mark did save himself and Raven ended up getting nominated. That leaves Jessica Graf, Raven Walton, and Elena Davies on the block.

That brings an end to the August 9 Big Brother 19 recap, but there have been a lot of other activities taking place in the BB19 house, including a vote-counting session that likely predicts who is going home on Thursday night (August 10). A report by the Inquisitr here covers those Big Brother 19 spoilers.

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