Inflatable Chicken With Trump Coiffure Looms Near White House — Distracts Fox News Cast

A huge inflatable chicken stole the show from Fox News today as the reporter standing with the White House as his backdrop had something strange showing up in the corner of the screen. It was a huge inflatable chicken with orange-gold hair fashioned in that comb-over-like hairdo the president sports.

While talking with the main studio in New York City, the Fox reporter was dishing out the news from Capitol Hill. The folks in the main Fox News studio got distracted by what was going on behind this reporter at the White House, including that bizarre chicken looming in the background. There was a lot of action visible starting with the chicken and moving along to a group of people seen on the roof of the famous dwelling at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

There looked to be a dozen or so people on the roof of the White House, giving that Fox News reporter a backdrop that was very unusual between the blow-up poultry image and a small crowd on the roof. According to The Hill, a 30-foot inflatable chicken with hair created to look like Trump was placed behind the White House in a spot open to the public. This blow-up poultry also had hands making gestures similar to some of the ones that Trump’s been known to make.

According to the Fox News reporter, who was on live TV when he started talking about the view behind him, the chicken isn’t exactly on the White House lawn. He answered the questions from his co-workers back in New York City, and said he believed the inflatable chicken was in an area where the public has access, which is what The Hill confirmed.

People started tweeting about the inflatable chicken looming around the White House today with one Twitter user, Sarah Valerio, writing how she moseyed over to check out the big orange haired inflatable. She said that she wanted to check it out for herself, but what she saw when she got there were children kicking it.

The Hill reports that the chicken was designed with “a golden coif of hair” and it was meant to resemble President Trump. The chicken was placed near the Ellipse area by the White House, which is open to the public.

Last year, a chicken statue was unveiled as a mascot for a Chinese mall. The bird was modeled after the American president Donald Trump. Since the reveal of that chicken, smaller versions of the statue have been seen popping up in other places. It appears that there is an inflatable version of that statue staring at the White House today. That chicken statue, which is seen in the tweet below, is in Taiyuan, North China’s Shanxi province.

You can see the resemblance of the inflatable chicken near the White House today (below) to that mall mascot statue (above). This just goes to show that the infatuation with Trump has traveled around the world.

Donald Trump is not at the White House this week, as he and his family are in his New Jersey golf resort in the town of Bedminster. He is on a 17-day working vacation. It seems Donald, Melania, and Barron missed the view of the inflatable chicken from the White House window.

As far as the people seen on the roof of the White House, it was most likely the working crew that is doing the reported update to the air conditioning and other amenities at the White House this week while the first family is in New Jersey.

[Featured Image by Lorraine M/Shutterstock]