Jana Duggar Said To ‘Prefer The Company Of Females’ While John David Courts A Woman In Texas

TLC’s Counting On series has been awash with marriages, engagement and courtship announcements, however second eldest Duggar siblings, John David Duggar and Jana Duggar, have been noticeably left out. The pair, which are fraternal twins, have had many speculations about their dating status, and it has been hinted that John David will debut a relationship on the newest season of Counting On. However, rumors of this nature have circulated previously about the second-eldest Duggar son.

However, a source close to the Duggar family stated that Jana Duggar isn’t actually interested in a Duggar-style courtship, meaning she may not like the idea of “dating with intention to marry” and all of the rules set in place. According to the source, Jana Duggar prefers the company of females, though the source did not explicitly state that Jana is gay. Instead, the source says that Jana’s parents do not want her close female relationships to make headlines.

The source also states that Jim Bob Duggar, the patriarch of the family, is obsessed with maintaining control over his family’s public image, so he is very careful about what he allows to get out about the family. The anonymous tipster stated that they used to have a lot of faith in the Duggar family, but recently, they feel as though Jim Bob and Michelle can be very disingenuous.


As for John David, it has been rumored that he is dating a woman who currently lives in Texas, whose identity has yet to be revealed. It is unclear whether or not they are engaged in a “Duggar-style” courtship, meaning they have very little to almost no physical contact until they are married. As rumors of a courtship have been swirling around John David for a while, it is possible that he has been dating the same woman in a “non-traditional” sense for more than a year.

John David Duggar has been more subdued than the rest of his siblings and hasn’t been as eager to share his life on television. Because of this, it wouldn’t be surprising if he chose to keep his love life hidden away from the TLC cameras.


[Featured Image by Duggarfam/Instagram]