Kate Middleton Will Never Live Up To Princess Diana’s Legacy, Says Former Butler

Ever since Kate Middleton married into the royal family back in 2011, she has constantly been compared to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. The elegance and beauty, in addition to the fashion sense that each woman is known for, is only scraping the surface of comparisons drawn. Others turn to motherhood, involvement in charity and benevolent endeavors.

Although many experts of the royals do admit they believe that Middleton has what it takes to carry on Diana’s legacy, the princess’ former right-hand man, Paul Burrell, states that this simply is not the case and that the Duchess of Cambridge just “doesn’t have it.”

Marking the 20th anniversary of the princess’ tragic death, her own sons gave heartfelt interviews about life after their mother and remembering her final days. Unfortunately, other conversations were leaked to the media by Channel 4 News after the network got hands on private exchanges between the late royal and her speech coach. In these conversations, Diana spoke of the “blatant” affair Prince Charles carried on with Camilla and also noted her struggles as a royal.

In a recent interview with Channel 9, Burrell, who was Diana’s butler, shared his thoughts about the private conversations and Kate Middleton. The Mirror reminds of certain details and opinions shared by Burrell.

“Paul has fiercely spoken out about the candid interviews, claiming that ‘anything which happens within the premise of four walls between two people is private’. The tapes were never intended to be seen in public and since the princess’s death have been the subject of lengthy legal battles and accusations of huge betrayal.”

In regards to Middleton, Burrell states that Diana made the way much easier for the Duchess after William’s mother had no one to teach her and had to find her way through royal life with little guidance, while “[Kate] had the coaching and the lessons that Diana didn’t.”

The former butler went on to say that although Middleton is lovely, she doesn’t have the “magic” that Diana did, adding that he met “Mother Theresa,” he met “Pope John Paull II,” and knew Princess Diana well, noting that they all had “it” while Duchess Kate simply “doesn’t.”

Although Burrell highlights the loving relationship Kate and Prince William have and how “devoted to each other” they both are, he states that Middleton lacks that special something, “which you call the ‘X-factor,’ ” and “charisma” adding other magical qualities are “not there.”

Royal author Andrew Morton, as relayed by News.com Australia, also indicated that there were more differences than similarities between Kate Middleton and Princess Diana.

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