JetBlue Makes Special Delivery In Time For Newtown Funerals

Noah Pozner, one of the 6-year-old victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting, will be buried today in Newtown, Connecticut. The little boy will be surrounded by friends and family, and thanks to JetBlue, his coffin will be filled with love letters from relatives who couldn’t make the cross country trip.

After the shooting, Noah’s parents asked the little boy’s aunt, Veronica, to start collecting letters from anyone who wouldn’t be able to make the trip to Connecticut.

Veronica collected the farewell letters but since it was a Sunday and Noah’s funeral was the following morning, Veronica had no way of getting the letters across the country.

MSN reports that the Seattle mom started contacting various airlines to see if they could make a special delivery. Within minutes, JetBlue wrote her back saying that they would be happy to help out.

Veronica wrote on Twitter: JetBlue Thank you! Give mad love to @jetblue you guys — they are getting Noah’s notes to him. #LoveForNoah

JetBlue wrote: “It’s the least we can do to help a family that’s been so tragically affected … We’re honored to do it.”

Veronica also posted an image of the note that her own 6-year-old son wrote to Noah Pozner.

letter to noah

Veronica wrote: “This is the note my almost 6-year-old son wants buried with his cousin. Noah is shown with a heart body & the flower … The flower represents his life / life in general. The inside says, ‘I love you Noah.’ “

Noah Pozner is scheduled to be buried today and thanks to JetBlue he’ll have messages of his family’s love buried with him.