Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant With Travis Scott’s Baby?

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant? According to a new report, the youngest Jenner will have her own little bundle of joy in about five months, as she’s reportedly four months pregnant. Sources close to Kylie Jenner spilled the beans to the print version of OK! Magazine about her alleged pregnancy on Wednesday, according to Hollywood Life.

The sources appear to be friends of Kylie who are privy to her inner circle. Apparently, they were tipped off that Kylie might be pregnant when they noticed that she hadn’t been drinking at a recent function. Despite Kylie denying such rumors, the sources are convinced that Kylie is expecting.

“Kylie kept to herself with the excuse that she was focused on her new makeup line,” sources told the magazine. “But we all think she’s staying out of the spotlight until she’s ready to share her news. She’s been keeping low-key for months now, and everyone thinks she’s pregnant.”

Despite only being 19 years old, Kylie Jenner is “excited” about having a baby with Travis Scott, who is assumed to be the father, say the sources.

The insiders added that Kylie Jenner would also be documenting her pregnancy on a reality show, though they didn’t specify whether it would be a separate reality show or Jenner’s latest venture, Life of Kylie.


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Before you start sending Kylie Jenner congratulatory messages, you should consider that Gossip Cop has since debunked that report, however. The publication first cited the fact that Kylie’s stomach, which she’s bared in recent Instagram posts, doesn’t resemble that of a woman who is four months pregnant.

Kylie Jenner’s recent posts, assuming that those photos are up to date, definitely don’t give off the appearance of a pregnant woman. Jenner’s most recent post shows her posing in a peach-colored bikini with a stomach that appears flat as a board.


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Moreover, Gossip Cop reports that they reached out to someone connected to Kylie Jenner’s camp directly. Their response? Well, the rumors are 100 percent “false,” says the source. As Gossip Cop also points out, they have also debunked OK! pregnancy rumors in the past, which means that reports coming from OK! should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

Which report do you believe? Do you think that Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant? You can sound off in the comment section below.

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