‘Big Brother 19’ News: Houseguests Upset With Jessica Graf Over Alleged Unwanted Sexual Touching

This season on Big Brother 19, Jessica Graf has been a target along with her showmance, Cody, but she could end up a target for another reason now. TMZ shared the news that a lot of people are really upset with Jessica for something she is doing in the house. She is allegedly going up behind people and poking them in the butt, but one houseguest is even accusing her of poking them in the vagina. This has the house really upset, and they just want Jessica to stop.

Of course, with the live feeds in the house, everyone is able to see exactly what Jessica has been doing. It turns out that she is walking up behind people and putting her fingers between their butt cheeks. She has been seen doing this when they are playing pool or bent over for some reason. Jessica has been seen doing this to Matt and Paul. They both confronted her about it, but Jessica just laughed it off instead of taking it seriously at all. Paul and Kevin talked about it in the house, and they shared that if this was a guy doing it, then he would go to jail for sexual assault. It is pretty surprising that Jessica is still doing this in the house. Maybe, now that people have talked to her about it, she will decide to stop.

It is also being shared that Alex said Jessica did this to her as well and actually poked her in the butt and the vagina both. Alex even got emotional talking about it and said that one of her family members was raped and killed, so this really bothered her. So far, it sounds like Big Brother 19 hasn’t stepped in and done anything about it at all. TMZ reached out to CBS, and they won’t say anything at this time either. Now that the news is spreading, maybe they will decide to do something about it.

Are you shocked to hear what Jessica Graf is doing in the Big Brother 19 house? Do you think she should be sent home or at least told to stop for this? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 19 on CBS. So far, they have avoided sharing about this on the show.

[Featured Image by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]