New Information On Natalee Holloway’s Disappearance Suggests Her Body May Have Been Located

The disappearance of Natalee Holloway has shocked everyone. So far, it has not been revealed that she was found or her body was located, but In Touch Weekly is sharing that new evidence makes it sound like Natalee’s body may have been found.

It has now been over a decade since Natalee Holloway went missing on her senior trip to Aruba. New information is coming out in her dad’s new show, and an informant named Gabriel is sharing all. It was revealed in the premiere that Joran van der Sloot was trying to kiss her, and she started foaming at the mouth, which of course startled him. The show reveals that Natalee choked on her own vomit after this happened. He said, “she died, and within two to three hours [Joran, with help from his late father, judge Paul van der Sloot] buried her.”

Gabriel is saying that Joran shared all of this information with their mutual friend, John Ludwick, five years after Natalee disappeared. Gabriel even said that Joran offered their friend $1,500 to dig up Natalee’s body and move it somewhere else. He actually wanted him to go and get the body cremated and then throw it in the ocean during low tide, and Gabriel says this is what happened to Natalee’s body. If this is true, that would explain why they never found a body and would also explain where Natalee’s body is, but this will never give the family the closure that they want.

Another thing that Gabriel shared was that Natalee’s was given the date rape drug, GHB, and when they dug out her body, it was moldy and not very far in the ground. Dave does say that this is the best lead he has ever seen on where his daughter’s body is, and this is huge to the family. They really do want closure on their daughter’s disappearance. Right now, Joran is in prison for another murder he was convicted on in Peru.


The Inquisitr shared a few more details about the new show, The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway. You do not want to miss this six episode series, where Natalee’s dad explains any updates in her case and what is going on now.

Are you shocked to hear that Natalee Holloway’s body may have been located? Are you excited to see what has been found out on her dad’s new reality show? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway when it is set to premiere on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. on Oxygen.


Update: Natalee’s dad shares his thoughts on this update.

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