Moscow Mule Warning: Drinks With PH Level Of 6.0 Or Below Could Be Dangerous In Copper Mugs

The Moscow Mule cocktail is getting lots of buzz lately, but it’s not all good news. As reported by Newser, the popularity of Moscow Mule drinks served in copper mugs might not be a good thing due to a chemical reaction that can occur in certain copper mugs.

Iowa’s health advisory warns that a Moscow Mule drink served in a copper mug could turn acidic enough for it to become a hazard to the person who consumes the drink. Made of vodka, lime, and ginger beer, the acidic combination of a Moscow Mule means it should not be served in a pure copper mug, according to Live Science. Although the copper mugs may look stunning, they aren’t necessarily healthy when used to house drinks that have an acidity of a pH below 6.0. That means drinks like wine, vinegar, and fruit juices also should not be served in copper mugs either.

Folks might not think about the pH level of their Moscow Mule or other beverages when serving drinks in fancy copper cups, but since the Moscow Mule has a pH level well below 6.0, the copper mug should be avoided. With such low pH levels, the acidic drinks could cause copper to leak into the drink or food being served, and that could lead to copper poisoning. Although folks often cook with cast iron skillets and praise the manner in which the iron could get into the food and raise iron levels, copper poisoning isn’t something desirable. It could cause stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and jaundice.

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On Instagram, the #moscowmule hashtag currently enjoys 429,738 posts, with some of the images showing the Moscow Mule drinks in copper cups. As long as those folks are serving their Moscow Mule drinks in copper cups that only have copper on the outside and not dangerous copper on the inside, then those consuming the drinks should be fine. A different interior should line the inside of the cup, such as stainless steel and nickel.

Therefore, those who love the look of copper mugs can first make sure their drinks are safe by checking their pH levels and making sure no copper is leaking into their favorite drinks.

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