Funny Fantasy Football 2017 Team Names: Top Suggestions For Your Fantasy Football League

Fantasy football season is here, and anyone looking for a funny team name suggestion for their 2017 league will have plenty of options.

Playing fantasy football isn’t always about assembling the best lineup or finding the draft sleepers, but it is also about coming up with the funniest name to impress your friends. When it comes to creating a funny name for your fantasy football team, puns are king. The best names are usually some variation of a players name (the Sporting News suggests Dakstreet’s Back, The Dakstreet Boys, or Baby Got Dak in honor of Dak Prescott) or a play on words related to the team’s name.

If you’re planning on picking Dez Bryant, you can go for the timely song reference and name your team Dezpacito (but you’ve got to factor in whether the song will still be popular and not highly annoying by the end of the season or even the start of the season).

The report has a few other suggestions for Dolphins fans (or just fans of Jarvis Landry), including Dirty Landry, Landry Service, and the Jersey Shore-inspired Gym, Tannehill, Landry.

USA Today has a slew of other suggestions for your fantasy football team name, including Rollin’ with Mahomies. For those looking to take a shot at one of the NFL teams on the downturn, USA Today suggested San Francisco 4th and 9ers. There’s also the old standby Buffalo Ills if you either like taking a shot at the AFC East’s downtrodden team or maybe making a reference to rapper Nas’ classic album, Illmatic.


There are some other more timely suggestions for funny fantasy football team names. A rundown of suggestions from WTOP includes the New Jersey Generals from the United States Football League team famously owned by Donald Trump before he decided to go head-to-head with the NFL and ended up sinking the entire league.


If you’re still looking for suggestions for your 2017 fantasy football team name, Althon Sports has a list of 125 team names to peruse, and you can always check out Twitter to see what suggestions others have. Those who come up with a particularly funny name for their fantasy football team often love bragging about it, so social media is filled with good suggestions.

[Featured Image by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]