Fired Google Software Engineer James Damore Never Finished PhD Listed On His Resume

James Damore, the Google software engineer who wrote the detailed sexist manifesto about why women are not qualified for top software engineering positions at Google or other top companies, might have more to hide than just some inter-office emails. Damore, who has now stated publicly that he is considering suing Google, has now removed the mention of a Harvard Ph.D. from his online resume on LinkedIn. Damore removed all mention of the Ph.D. but still lists himself as a "Senior Software Engineer at Google" in Mountainview, California.

Damore, who says he is exploring "all possible legal remedies" for his Google firing, was perhaps unaware that falsifying credentials is grounds for termination. Damore did achieve a Master of Science degree from Harvard, but according to Harvard, he is not enrolled in a doctorate program at this time, and he has not been awarded the degree. But until yesterday, Damore listed "Ph.D., Systems Biology" from Harvard in 2013 on his LinkedIn profile. Damore received his Master of Science degree in 2013, making it unlikely that he could have received a doctorate in the same year.

James Damore confirmed that he had been fired from his software engineering position at Google for "perpetuating gender stereotypes," though Damore still believes he made valid points in criticizing Google's "liberal leanings."

However, James Damore's alleged biology doctorate played a big role and provided now-debunked credibility to his sexist treatise as he explained why women weren't suited to software engineering positions. On Damore's LinkedIn page, he has now changed Ph.D. to Master of Science, using the same range of years 2011-2013.

But using his knowledge in biology, Damore says that pointing out biological differences does not necessarily imply sexism.

"We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism."

James Damore wrote a 10-page document that has now led to his termination by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who has cut his vacation short to deal with the fallout. Pichai says for Damore to claim that there is biological proof that some coworkers are not up to their tasks is offensive.

"To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK."
James Damore painted women at Google with a broad brush, saying that women "have a stronger interest in people rather than things." Damore believes that interest in people is what distracts women from engineering tasks.

"These two differences in part explain why women relatively prefer jobs in social or artistic areas. More men may like coding because it requires systemizing."

But instead of using scientific sources, Damore frequently cites Wikipedia, which is never considered a scientific source and is rarely used or acceptable in journalistic endeavors. James Damore often uses the term "biologically prone" when making the point that women are somehow less able to perform in an engineering capacity.

Damore said that "women are biologically prone to express their extroversion as gregariousness instead of assertiveness," and so they are often more agreeable than men.

"[That difference] leads to women generally having a harder time negotiating salary, asking for raises, speaking up, and leading."


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But despite fudging his resume, former Google employee James Damore is said to be doubling down and finding support amongst those who believe what are considered to be sexist stereotypes embraced by some in the tech sector and beyond. Within hours of being fired by Google, Damore reportedly had a job offer from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and gave an interview with alit-right YouTuber Stefan Molyneux.

Molyneux is known for other videos like "Why Feminists Hate Men: What They Won't Tell You!," which made him a good fit for Damore's message. Damore explained that Google shamed conservatives and that they support a culture of group think.

"I went to a diversity program at Google, it was... not recorded, totally secretive. I heard things that I definitely disagreed with in some of our programs. I had some discussions there, there was lots of just shaming and 'No you can't say that, that's sexist' and 'You can't do this.'"

Do you think that Google was right to fire James Damore? Do you think lying on your resume should get you fired?

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