‘The Story Of Diana’ Two-Part Series Begins Tonight: Charles Spencer Talks His Sister’s Death 20 Years Later

A few weeks ago, one of many tribute shows for Princess Diana aired on HBO and tonight, ABC will present the first half of a two-parter which will simply be titled The Story of Diana. As the 20-year anniversary of her death is quickly approaching, numerous TV shows have been devoted to her memory, her death, the confusion with the fatal crash, and those who loved her so much. In tonight’s special, her brother Charles Spencer will speak about his sister and the loss of her.

ABC will air The Story of Diana tonight beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT, but it will only be the first part of it. The second will air on Thursday evening to finish off the collaboration between Disney’s network and People, reported USA Today.

The actual 20-year anniversary of Princess Diana’s death will be on Aug. 31, and the specials have been plentiful in the last couple of months. Friends and family are set to discuss her life in the ABC special as they share stories of her life, who she was as a person, and how it was to actually come to grips with losing her.

The special will also include an interview with Diana’s younger brother, Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, who simply wishes he could have done more.

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Through People, Spencer stated that her death brought about great amounts of anger and regret in him.

“I was furious, I wasn’t just angry. [I thought] what could I have done. But you always think, God, I wish I could’ve protected her. It was just…it was devastating.

“I always felt…intensely protective towards her.”

Despite the tragic car accident that took his sister’s life two decades ago, Spencer believes that her sons are honoring her memory well. He knows that both Prince William and Prince Harry not only do things in their own ways but “it’s so easy to connect the dots between them and their mother.”

Both parts of The Story of Diana will be two hours in length for a four-hour special over Wednesday and Thursday. Not only will they focus on her life and tragic events of her death, but many friends and family will also reveal how she was during her life and the effect she has had on them since her passing.

ABC is bringing The Story of Diana to TV tonight and tomorrow, and you won’t want to miss a single moment of either episode. Right now, People’s special edition issue, called “Diana: Her Life and Legacy,” is available now for all to read. It is hard to believe that almost two full decades have gone by since the death of Princess Diana, but people such as Charles Spencer want to make sure that her memory never fades.

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