Tanya Tucker Privately Mourns The Death Of Her ’80s Love, Glen Campbell

Tanya Tucker has been mourning privately in the hours following the death of her former lover, Glen Campbell. Tucker and Campbell had a volatile romance that lasted only 15 months, but the country superstar had been vocal about her lasting affection for the “Rhinestone Cowboy” singer, who was 22 years her senior. Now, Tanya Tucker’s fans are worried about her amid the news that Glen Campbell died at age 81 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Tanya Tucker is currently touring and has not yet issued a statement or posted to social media since it was announced that Glen Campbell died on Aug. 8. But Tanya’s fans are speaking out to her as they express concern over the country music superstar.

Tanya Tucker’s Facebook feed is filled with condolence messages for the “Delta Dawn” singer, who had a high-profile, tabloid worthy relationship with Glen Campbell from 1980 to 1981. Many fans wrote that they are thinking of Tanya, while others marveled over the big impact that Glen Campbell had on her life. Another commenter noted that Tanya Tucker seemed so happy and in love during her short time with Glen Campbell.

Other Tanya Tucker fans posted messages to the star on Twitter after Glen Campbell’s death.


Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell’s stormy relationship made headlines, and they made beautiful music together with the hit 1980 duet “Dream Lover.” After their split, Tanya never hid the fact that Glen Campbell was the love of her life, even though he went on to marry his fourth wife, Kim Woolen, in 1982. Tucker previously told People she and Glen had planned to marry on Valentine’s Day, 1982 but they split in 1981 due to his trust issues.

“It’s kinda heartbreaking because you think about what coulda been,” Tanya told People.

“I still love him like my own life.”

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In 2015, Tucker told the Chicago Tribune she had regrets about never reconciling with Glen Campbell.

“It was a love that will never be again,” Tanya proclaimed. “That was it for me. “

Tanya went on to reveal that Glen Campbell was the reason she never married anyone else, admitting the following.

“I always did love him and that’s never gonna change.”

Portrait of singer Tanya Tucker leaning against a tree wearing a fur coat, outside the Churchill Hotel in Portman Square, London, October 15th 1975. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Two years ago, Tucker told the Naples Daily News that after she broke up with Glen they just “drifted away.”

“But he’ll always be my greatest love,” Tanya said.

“I let a good one go and I have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

Tanya Tucker recounted a final FaceTime call she had with her former lover shortly after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis took his memory.

“I was talking to him, going, ‘Remember me? I’m Tanya, we used to love each other,” Tucker told the Tribune. “Trying to think of anything that would trigger his memory. When I was done, he kissed the phone. So I got that, at least. It may be all I ever get.”

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Tanya Tucker has had a difficult year. Last month she was hospitalized due to an illness and was forced to cancel several tour dates, according to an Associated Press report. In January, Tanya suffered a nasty fall and fractured her ribs and vertebrae. Now, with the death of Glen Campbell, she’s suffering the worst fate of all—a broken heart.

You can see Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell performing “Dream Lover” together in the video below.

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