Cynthia Nixon As NY Governor? Why ‘Sex And The City’s’ Miranda Hasn’t Ruled Out A Run

Cynthia Nixon is addressing rumors that she is considering a run for governor of New York. In an interview on The Today Show, Nixon, who played attorney Miranda Hobbes for six seasons on HBO’s Sex and the City, admitted that she knows there are people who would like to see her step away from acting to take a serious turn at politics.

“I think there are a lot of people who would like me to run,” Cynthia admitted to the hosts of the NBC morning show.

“I think for a variety of reasons, but the number one [reason] is education.”

Cynthia Nixon has long been involved in the city’s political scene and she has been vocal about her concerns with the New York public school system that her own children have attended. According to People, Cynthia Nixon has three children, Samantha, 20, Charles Ezekiel, 14, and Max Ellington, six, who are either currently attending or have come through the New York public school system.

“We’ve got a real problem in our hands in New York State,” Nixon revealed to Today.

“We are the 49th in terms of equitable funding. That means there’s only one state worse than us and that’s Illinois.”

Nixon slammed current New York governor Andrew Cuomo, a two-term Democrat eyeing a third, for his lack of progress surrounding the state’s education issues, saying the gap between the funding for the state’s richest and poorest schools is wider than it has ever been.

“Governor Cuomo likes to say that we spend more per pupil than any other state, and that is actually true,” Nixon said. “But the only reason that is true is because we spend so much on the kids in our wealthiest districts. So that evens out. Between our hundred richest schools and our hundred poorest schools there’s a $10,000 gap on what we spend per pupil.”

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that some liberal supporters have approached Cynthia Nixon to run against New York Gov. Cuomo as he seeks re-election in the November 2018 race. Cynthia has not held back in her public criticisms of Cuomo, previously criticizing him during an appearance on The View. Nixon reportedly also has close ties with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

While Cynthia Nixon did not confirm any future plans of running for New York governor during her Today interview, she did not rule it out, either. Nixon continues to stay mum on the topic of her political aspirations, telling the Today hosts she “cannot” make an announcement about it at this time.

“I really can’t say,” Nixon said with a smile.

But in a world where a former Celebrity Apprentice host is the U.S. president, having a Sex and the City star as a New York governor is not exactly far-fetched. Especially since the SATC star is one smart lady and a fierce mom.

You can see Cynthia Nixon’s interview on the Today Show below:

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