Brie Bella Shares TMI Breastfeeding Story, 'I Milked Myself Like A Cow'

WWE diva Brie Bella is sharing the TMI story of how she was forced to "milk herself like a cow" after accidentally leaving her breast pump at home.

The wrestler, famous for being one half of the Bella Twins with sister Nikki, revealed all about the dramatic moment on her YouTube page this week and confessed that she ended up having to hand pump herself in the middle of the night.

Revealing that she usually "does a little pumping" in the night, Brie recounted how she was staying at her cousin's home in San Diego when she discovered she'd left her pumping heads at home.

"So guess what I did?" she asked, telling viewers that she was "in a lot of pain" during the candid moment. "I was like, 'Well, pumps had just, like, come into existence not long ago, what did people do back in the day?' I was really thinking about this. I was thinking, 'How do they pump cows?'"

That's when Brie, who gave birth to daughter Birdie back in May, confessed that she then headed into the bathroom and attempted to milk herself by hand in the middle of the night.

"So last night in the bathroom, I went in there and I opened up the baggy part and I milked myself like a cow," Bella said in the candid video about her breastfeeding issues.

But it sounds like Nikki's sister is actually pretty proud of her efforts.

"Guess what?" she asked viewers in the YouTube video posted to her shared account with her twin sister. "I got six ounces! I'm very proud of this."

Joking that it was a "proud mommy moment," she told fans that she managed to do "it all by hand."

"I'm really proud of myself. So if you're ever stranded and you don't have your pump, what do we do Bird?" she said to fellow moms, turning to her daughter. "Hand pump! Don't be afraid of the hand pump."

Bella has been showing off adorable pictures of her daughter with husband Daniel Bryan over the past few weeks, most recently sharing a sweet snap of Birdie getting ready to travel, likely to San Diego where she made her most recent video.

Brie Bella shares crazy breastfeeding story of how she milked herself like a cow
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And it sounds like little Birdie has a big responsibility coming up in the coming months.

Earlier this year, Brie's twin sister Nikki Bella revealed that her niece will have a very special role to play when she marries fellow WWE star John Cena.

The Total Bellas and Total Divas star said that little Birdie will be a flower girl when she and John tie the knot and will even have a special dress to wear during the ceremony.

"John has three nieces, so we're going to have them as flower girls and then my brother's little girl Vivienne and then Birdie," Bella told E! News last month.

"We'll probably get Birdie a really special [dress]," Nikki continued, to which Brie joked, "We have to make sure she says yes to the dress!"

Brie Bella Shares Way TMI Breastfeeding Story, 'I Milked Myself Like A Cow'
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But while Nikki is undoubtedly a doting aunt to her niece, she recently confessed that seeing her twin in labor didn't exactly make her want to have kids of her own with John anytime soon after the two have confessed that kids probably aren't in their future even after they get married.

"Being with Brie in labor for 22 hours, I was like, 'Yeah, I'm fine not doing this, I think I'm okay,'" Nikki told Entertainment Tonight of being with her sister when she gave birth to her daughter in May. "I saw a lot, and I can't unsee that."

What do you think of WWE star Brie Bella getting a little TMI with her breastfeeding story?

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